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  • Stefanie - Smoking Popes
    "Baby I know I've been wrong before so many times this time I'm sure tell me just what are we waiting for oh Stefanie we live all our second chances to make this right don't break it this time you are the"
  • Stefan - Trzeci Wymiar
    "A na ulicy tak się zdarzało przechodzień krzyczy: Leży martwe ciało! Lecz serce bije- nie wieży nikt, lecz Stefan żyje i rusza się wciąż- pomóżcie mu! Wszyscy krzyczą razem: Stefan! Stefan! Stefan! Stefan"
  • Stefan - Hrdza
    "pokochałam ja Stefana pokochałam jego, ino jego, ino jego Wydajcie mnie matko, wydajcie za niego wydajcie za niego heja-hola heja, heja hola wydajcie mnie matko moja jak on na mnie tylko spojrzy to ja"
  • Stefan - Willem Vermandere
    "Mijn broere waar kan ik u vinden, vertrokken naar den overkant ik krijg van u taal noch teken uit uw verre, uit uw verre land is t daar nu zomer of winter, is t daar nu dag of nacht droom je of lig je"
  • Stefan - Bielizna
    "Pomarszczona skóra i wygięty kark, Kiedy się urodził nie miał wiele szans. W bardzo dużej głowie pływał mały mózg, Starczał ledwie tylko, by zrozumieć kilka słów. W pewien mroźny ranek przesądzono los, Jego"
  • Masterplan - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "Don't speak, sit and listen you can whisper, but don't you shout They say don't fight it coz you won't beat it so check you're thinking and watch your mouth I but you can shake down turn that as around don't"
  • Like A Bullet - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "So many times you have seen me around and when you've seen me you'll know what i'm about i'm not the typ of the girl who cares what you think I chose to swim when all the others just sink The one thing"
  • Can't Get You Out Of My System - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "Hey, I talked to your mother the other day She said: "I wish he was here" "I wish he would stay" How can I tell her what you've really done Cause every mother loves her son (It reminded me) Of the way"
  • Don't Call This Love - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "Crying the rain Nothing to say Lately I wonder Who you are today I know all about you But I don't understand Why you won't see me Why things have changed Oh baby something is going on God knows"
  • Revolution - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "Imagine a world where every city is clean no poor on the streets and thhe people free imagine a life where you can do as you please nothing to stop you from living your dream they say you can accomplish"
  • Free Love - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "Let your hair down, get yourself over here Everybody's waiting now Set your mind free let your heart go just feel Tell me do you hear me now You can spread your wings and fly so high Ride on the waves,"
  • If I Don't Love You Now - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "Cold summer breeze I dont even care If I'm right Feels good to me Here with the smile of my life And I've seen the chances passin' And it's all that I can say When I saw your loving pass me I was always"
  • Painfully Easy - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "Realize the things you do make me wanna keep on lovin' you it's your carrying way that makes it harder I realize the things you say make me want you even more to stay it's your sweeter words that make"
  • Only So Much Oil In The Ground - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "There's only so much oil on the ground Sooner or later there won't be much around Tell that to your kids while you driving downtown That there's only so much oil on the ground Can't cut loose without"
  • Do Your Thing - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "Catch a shooting star, Put it under your pillow. Close your eyes and breathe, Make a wish and let it float. Girl, don't ya ever let a thing steal your dream. You don't have to be something you're not, It's"
  • Xtal - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "His moments of bliss, dew under foot, Fingers dipped in melted wax. Her moments of joy, walking on snow, Face caress on a warm pane. Gifts of immeasurable worth, Moments so unnoticed they slip through"
  • The Unforgiven - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "New blood joins this earth And quickly he's subdued Through constant pained disgrace The young boy learns their rules With time the child draws in This whipping boy done wrong Deprived of all his thoughts The"
  • I betcha she doesen't feel it - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "What about the things you said, What about the things you've done,What about the lies you told me and also everyoneWhat about the games you played,What about the plans we made,What about the future any"
  • My mean is a mean man - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "Na na nan nana na nan naI swear to tell the truthAnd nothing but the truthLoving him aint easyHe's bad bad newsMama says:" use your head you dont need himLook at all the shit he pulled you through."Papa"
  • Unforgiven - Stefanie Heinzmann
    "New blood joins this earthAnd quickly he's subduedThrough constant pained disgraceThe young boy learns their rulesWith time the child draws inThis whipping boy done wrongDeprived of all his thoughtsThe"

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