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suicide letter

  • Suicide Letter - Sticky Fingaz
    "(feat. X1) I don't need a will cause I'm not leavin nobody shit It's my suicide letter At the end of this song I'm gonna blow my fuckin brains out If you readin this, I'm probly dead by now Probly"
  • Suicide - Thin Lizzy
    "The paper called it suicide A bullet from a forty-five Nobody cared and nobody cried Don't that make you feel sad? Peter Brent combed his hair And sent for the police Policeman came, took Peter's name God,"
  • Suicide - Anti-Nowhere League
    "Are you coming to the nightmare tonightThe world is out that you're ready to tryDon't bring a partner... you just come aloneTell your folks you're not coming home...Who's gonna notice as you walk on byWho"
  • Suicide - R.Kelly
    "[1] - I say the easiest thing in the world Is to love you And the hardest thing in the world Is to lose you Said I tried and tried again to keep you But it just ain't no use I'm baffled cuz of what went"
  • Suicide Letters - Tech N9ne
    "(1st Verse) Picture me In a casket Blasted Never nobody Knew how long The pain lasted Keep my eyes tight I'm frightened But I fights like Tyson When playin' this game of life I'm losing Longing to be enlightened Absorb"
  • One More Suicide - Marcy Playground
    "Christopher O' Malley Went out on a bridge Down in Chehalis And clutching his bible And a letter from her Fell into the river Pity no one was there No angels in the air And the morning paper ran One more"
  • The Suicide Pact - Buck
    "I've been waiting, saving my pennies pennies from heaven, heaven above you've been saying we should be married why should we marry when we're so in love? bluebirds fly overhead; we'll be so happy when"
  • One more suicide - 2 Play
    "Christopher o'malley went out on a bridgeDown in chehalisAnd clutching his bible and a letter from herFell into the riverPity no one was thereNo angels in the airAnd the morning paper ranOne more suicideHis"
  • Tear Stained Letter - Johnny Cash
    "I'm gonna write a tear stained letter, I'm gonna mail it straight to you. I'm gonna bring back to your mind, What you said about always bein' true. Bout our secret hidin' places; Bein' daily satisfied. I"
  • Suicide Pact - Suicide
    "Power, we've tried to reach Blinded our eyes Suspicons, distrust Religion and Satan They've washed our brains Industry, kind of a suicide pact We signed, like greedy pigs We did not put our future in"
  • Faking My Own Suicide - Relient K
    "So I've made up my mind I will pretend To leave this world behind And in the end You'll know I've lied To get your attention I'm faking my own suicide I'm faking my own suicide Because I know you love"
  • Suicide - The Damned
    "b-side of Love Song 7" on Chiswick/Big Beat Records (Vanian/Scabies/Sensible/Ward) There's too much confusion for a young man to take Look at my eyes that ain't easy to fake I've got no spirit left"
  • Suicide - Damned
    "There's too much confusion for a young man to take Look at my eyes that ain't easy to fake I've got no spirit left to break I'll slash my wrists ain't no mistake Help me Oh help me Help me Oh help me"
  • Suicide - Sofie
    "here goes all the tragedy nothing else meant to me hurricane ivan hits florida while mozart makes mossiac fire departments closes everyday 911 is on display earthquakes and flood drips the water on my"
  • Suicide - Hallows Eve
    "I took the pills that made me fast to speed my brain future is past Rapid pulsations upon my heart pulsing my blood from part to part Suicide I'm still living suicide I'm still giving To suicide I bring"
  • Suicide - Kosheen
    "Drop that rhythm and you unwind Keep that feeling and you step in time All too pretty for a real life Suicide Drop that rhythm and you unwind Keep that feeling and you step in time All too pretty for a"
  • Suicide - Suziquatro
    "(Quatro/Tuckey) Goodbye American dream With your life insurance and pension schemes Whoah It's a lonely ride down golden highways Hope is blind But shoot for the skyways Promises - turn to dust And it's"
  • Suicide - Redman
    "(feat. Blam) Gilla, yeah! Man, fuck that, nigga! (Yeah, yeah, yeah!) Yes, sir! Gilla House! You already know the business, nigga! Gilla House, nigga! Yo, you ain't gotta' ask, dog - who am I? I"
  • Suicide - Rage
    "I've been stumblin' through my years All I had was sweat and tears When I thought I had it made I was always much too late And throughout my whole life I've done everything wrong No way out - suicide No"
  • Suicide - Zug Izland
    "Hey there killer, where you goin'? I see you got a gun and your anger is showing What you about to do? Gonna kill her man? I know that you are, but you don't really understand You wanna be scary, wanna"

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