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sun groes down

  • Sun Down - Taylor Thompson
    "Sun down, Friday twilight in the big town Party people getting rain down Somewhere, baby, I know you're waiting to see this vibrating Stacey: The city's in a heat wave Waiting 4 the sun shade Hoping"
  • Sun, sun, sun - The Elected
    "Sun, sun, sun, stay with me Don't go behind the clouds I know that you'll go down But while it's day, let your light hit me Cause if I lose you now I fear I could bow out And I don't know where I'm going"
  • Sun - Rusty
    "Her feet hit the ground There's people all around She never wears makeup It never does her proud She works radio, late night radio She don't like the shit she's playing She does it for you kids The sun"
  • Sun - Mark Owen
    "Sun, lay it on lay it on lay it everywhere you have gone where she sleeps where she keeps for everyone Pour another whiskey, anything to do but stare watch a spider build a cobweb while you chew another"
  • Sun - Rammstein
    "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, outEveryone is waiting for the lightbe afraid, don't be afraidthe sun is shining out of my eyesit will not set tonightand the world counts loudly to"
  • Sun - Donovan
    "Sun, the earth is turning it's turning round and love is the access but they chop the tree down all the proud trees are standing as green as the sky as green as the greenstone that makes seabirds fly ovens"
  • Sun - Assemblage 23
    "The first day I felt changed I felt removed and broken Over man Over God But weak by the same token Wherewithal Has dissolved A soulless apparition Loss of choice Lost my voice Condemned and then conditioned"
  • Sun - Deep Blue Something
    "Spent years driving to the sun, Though now I admit I was lost. Can't say that I'd trow it all away But I think I'd change the cost of my salvation Throw down your cross child And dance with me Everyone"
  • Sun Goes Down - Killing Joke
    "We watch them going nowhere, kicking the football No purpose...??the point boys?? in oblivion Or play games so child-like...they want to win Look out my windowsill watch bloodshed We watch the sun"
  • SUN GOES DOWN - Lil Nas X
    "Piosenka Lil Nas X 'SUN GOES DOWN' pochodzi z debiutanckiego albumu Lil Nas X "MONTERO” - premiera 17 września 2021 roku."
  • Sun Goes Down - ATB
    "I don't know what else could make it go I don't know what else to do to make it come, yea Maybe I'm tired of thinking, maybe my lines are growing old Well that's enough crying for today There are enough"
  • Sun Goes Down - Deep Purple
    "Oh you're all looking up With hearts of devotion Through the dust and the heat lost to me In a cloud of emotion I have no motivation To keep this breathless pace I'm more inclined to stay here In this"
  • Sun Rises Down - Acroma
    "Hey Something went wrong I feel great And I don't know why but I feel Like I could do anything now Hey Why in the hell did I wait? When's the last time I felt real? Like I could do anything now But man"
  • Sun Goes down - Morandi
    "When the sun goes down I feel like I need you around 'Cause you're like Butterflies in May, always flying away Everytime you leave I feel like I just cannot breathe 'Cause you're like Killing me inside"
  • Sun Go Down - Deadman
    "we take no prisoners when it rains it pours give me time give me sweet by and by and i know we can make it through it when they say that it's not true when i say that i love you it's all right i'll be"
  • SUN GOES DOWN - Lil Nas X
    "I wanna run away Don’t wanna lie I don’t wanna a life Send me a gun And i’ll see the sun I’d rather run away Don’t wanna lie I don’t wanna a life Send me a gun And i’ll see the sun You need an instant"
  • Sun Going Down - The Tea Party
    "I woke up this morning, someone was knocking at my door. I woke up this morning, someone was knocking at my door. And I said hello sweet Satan, I believe it's time to go. Thirteenth apostle knocking at"
  • Turn Down The Sun - Splendora
    "La la la, la la Turn the sun down (x2) Hey! Oh no, don't say "surf's up" I don't hang ten In fact I hang none Keep me under tow Hurry up and row Maybe someone could turn down the sun Turn the sun down"
  • Shoot Down The Sun - Villains To The Masses Heroes To The Holy
    "My manifesto is a compound of blood The sweat that left me long ago Your fingers move by candlelight I prefer the closet to the naked sunlight Shoot down the sun The scene of the crime is a carnival"
  • The sun goes down - C J Stone
    "Remembering all the time we spentI keep on thinking about the past 'Cause like i'm living in a trance I think you're slowly drifting away And maybe giving another chance To find out what we feel inside"

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