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take me to the line

  • Where To Draw The Line - From Autumn To Ashes
    "Lay it down one last time, let this be the last time, I have seen the sunrise just one too many times. With open arms and minds. Stay with me till I find, What it is we search cause I know we want more. On"
  • Lino - Jebediah
    "There is the mat Wipe where it's at You can come in So can the cat I can see me Under my feet Under a fan Spreading the heat If everyone's ready and waiting for you, Yeah Then come along Friday what is"
  • Line life - Line Life
    "1: In each situation, I can count on somebody. Never I become not. So, they let's allow me, count on you. In each situation. At any time, you are from I. And for it you I thank. Please, about it ,"
  • On The Line - The Swellers
    "You play it well The strong silent type, I guess And vultures overhead I feel you now I know you'd do the same for me I'm not that far away And I'll be waiting Try to scream but there's no sound Cause"
  • Heat On The Line - East To West
    "(c. Jay DeMarcus and Brian White) I guess you Learned real well Never stand to close to the fire Then no one can see what's in your eyes It's not real hard to tell That you live your life on the line It's"
  • Back To The Starting Line - Face Tomorrow
    "What's wrong What is going on in my head? I don't know what happenend to all the confidence I had in people. I lost all the things I knew Make believe that I can trust again. Pull me up cause I'm sinking"
  • The Punch Line - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "Sometimes, sometimes you've got to be the punch line Well and sometimes, sometimes you get to tell the joke There's no difference on the end that you end up on I've got a preference I'll defend right,"
  • Across The Line - The Charlie Daniels Band
    "'''"Across The Line"''' Where the sun goes up and the sun comes down nothing ever changes in a border town It turns around and starts all over again It's alcohol and nicotine and everyday's like Halloween It's"
  • Take Me To The Basement - Aesop Rock
    "Take me to the basement let me count the holes in your foundation ancient ridicule system alert, kissing my lurk the perch of rare grimace on iron mask i remember science class if chemistry could silence"
  • Hot Line - Black Sabbath
    "Take me to the river baby drink my wine When I'm going down won't you throw me a line Lead me to religion take me up them stairs When I take a tumble will you say me some prayers When will you show me"
  • Telephone Line - Scabs
    "Once in a while I don't feel that fine I've got this feeling that they call the blues I know it's time to call the hot line I'm begging Candy, give me the news I said shake shake shake your hips You know"
  • In Line - Cam Hodges
    "So get a way from me Only for once in a while So just don't speak to me Why won't this just fall in line All the lights rolling by going out of my mind I can't take it With the time flying fast Watching"
  • Fine Line - Paul McCartney
    "(Paul McCartney) There is a fine line, between recklessness and courage It's about time, you understood which road to take It's a fine line, your decision makes a difference Get it wrong, you'll be making"
  • Mountain Line - Meat Puppets
    "Well the moon was more than we could hope for We sure know a real good time Green black box with whatever's inside Nighttime creeping from behind We'll take him up to the cottonwood Show him a real good"
  • Fine Line - Madasun
    "Na Na Na Na Im listening to you go on and on about yourself, But do you have time for me tomorrow, I guess youve got other plans instead, Its taken a long time for me to open up my eyes, I was blinded"
  • Mobile line - Lovin' Spoonful
    "Oh, did you ever take a trip, baby, on the Mobile Line I said hey lawdy mama, mama, hey lawdy papa talkinbout the Mobile Line Thats a road to ride to ease you worried mind I woke up this morning, baby,"
  • Checkout Line - Citizen King
    "it's up in the air an escalator away a comma into the phrase another every ticket to ugly face while i wear i waste my time marinade and skip again i'll be doing pay well i can't see where this"
  • Danger Line - Avenged Sevenfold
    "My 16 locked and loaded All fear has been avoided, You say the words and my weapon is drawn This one could be my last time Some people call it war crime I may be staring down a lethal sight... to die"
  • Dotted Line - Spunge
    "(Verse 1) I really haven't got a clue I really don't know what's going on But I know that in an hour or two I'll have done something that is wrong We've reservations Yeah there are things we need to know Your"
  • Front line - Stevie Wonder
    "I am a veteran of the war I up and joined the army back in 1964 At sixteen I just had to be a man at any cost I volunteered for Vietnam where I got my leg shot off I recall a quote from a movie that said"

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