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take step back xxxtentation

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take step back xxxtentation

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take step back xxxtentation
  • Mya Step Back
    "All I want is a little respect All I need is a little respect Oh Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Have you ever had a girl to call up your man Better tell her step back, step back And she claimin'"
  • H-Blockx Step Back
    "Hey yo! This is Dee Bullit from Da P-Pack Posse Yo, Some motherfuckers tryin' to sweat my homies from the H-Blockx But we ain't going out like that, yo, ya listen up real good H-Blockx rollin with"
  • Rakim Step back
    "See if you can step to this {*Eric B. cuts up the phrase "Back to the lab"*} Now try to do this step ("Back to the lab") and make sure the pace is kept and this ain't as smooth as I'ma get Nice and easy"
  • Eric B. & Rakim Step Back
    "See if you can step to this Now try to do this step ("Back to the lab") and make sure the pace is kept and this ain't as smooth as I'ma get Nice and easy but hard to catch on to Move with melodies,"
  • Matt Wertz Step Back
    "I saw a man on the street he was lookin' for money his hand was open wide And if he only knew what he really needs he needs a brand new life I saw a couple walkin' hand in hand their noses stuck up in"
  • Candlebox Step Back
    "How can you say we're not together? How can you say it's all the same in someone else's eyes? How can you say it gives you pleasure? That someone's pulling you aside But now I want to find out How you're"
  • Simple Minds Take a step back
    "Go tell it on the mountain Like it burst forth like a fountain Try to shake the deep foundations of this land High up on lover's land They got hotel rooms so grand And no one here knows what goes behind"
  • Mya Step
    "All I want is a little respect All I need is a little respect Ha Oh Ohhh Have you ever had a girl to call up your man Better tell her Step back Step back She claimin' that your man is her man Gonna get"
  • Warren Jamie One Step Back
    "Chorus: If I could take one step back I'd be slippin' out the back door And I'd take one more drive In my Daddy's old car And I'd take one last look Through Mary's bedroom window If I could take just"
  • Keira Knightley A Step You Can’t Take Back
    "So you find urself at the subway When our world in a bag by our side And all at once it seems like a good way You realize it's the end of the line for what is worth Here comes the train upon the track"
  • Royal Hunt Step by Step
    "Switch blade dance, And your friend goes down. I'm gonna hit you once and you'll kiss the ground. It's a sweet romance, No good and clown, Boy listen there's a new kid comin', And he's gonna rock this"
  • Method Man Step By Step
    "This goes out to all the big head niggaz And all them big head bitches You know my steez-o Yo, yo, yo, yo Deadly melodic, robotic steez-o blur your optic So you can't see the topic, condition combo Blaze"
  • Eyedea Step By Step
    "(Eyedea) I got a little story to tell See it was September 1st, 1999, the day of my death My back was on the cold concrete as I take my last breath Saw my body laying on the ground as my soul hovered above"
  • The Monkees Take A Giant Step
    "Words and Music by Gerry Goffin and Carole King Though you've played at love and lost And sorrow's turned your heart to frost I will melt your heart again. Remember the feeling as a child When you woke"
  • Headplate Step Back
    "It's like every time I think about it Your distress and I go on In two sentences I can't say no And before my eyes I won't let go Cause I'm hidden here with you Thinking about another way through This"
  • Beautiful Creatures Step Back
    "Crack back, Dog's tail, House rules, Rusted nails. Bare foot, Cold flaw, Black bricks, Lock the door. Hey, hey When you call my name I can feel the chills and the shivers, up and down my spine Hey, hey Now"
  • Letters To Cleo Step Back
    "Appear and fade away, so far so good and I'll tell you the story this time. Plan too far ahead, it's the same old thing. Finally kicking it out this time. Tell me where were you? Now just where were"
  • Rollins Band Step Back
    "you're so fuckin' weak, you disgust me! It's a drag when you bring me down and all the things that you say, no one cares anyway but then you've gotta deal with me... you step back! (2x) or you fall down!! I"
  • Hard Rain Step Back
    "These are the days we think we're so clever And sing our own praise, don't get it together These are the days of secrets and lies (no compromise) Got nothing to say, angels in heaven better save me Now"
  • Henry Rollins Step Back
    "You're so fucking weak You disgust me It's a drag when you bring me down All the things you say No one cares anyway But then you've got to deal with me I see through the lies To the bottom of your eyes Your"

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