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the best of ich troje

  • Ich Troje jest kradzione - Ich Troje
    "Napisałem hit, cały kraj go znał wył i piałi śpiewali tak, dokładnie w takt, zgadnij jak?już zabrakło pierwszych miejscwszyscy grają powerplayco to będzie kiedy wyda sięże Wiśniewski to nie ja że to wszystko"
  • Ich Troje jest kradzione - Spooko
    "Napisałem hit, cały kraj go znał wył i piałi śpiewali tak, dokładnie w takt, zgadnij jak?już zabrakło pierwszych miejscwszyscy grają powerplayco to będzie kiedy wyda sięże Wiśniewski to nie jaże to wszystko"
  • ICH TROJE JEST KRADZIONE - Michał Wiśniewski
    "napisałem hit cały kraj go znał wył i piał i śpiewali tak dokładnie w takt zgadnij jak już zabrakło pierwszych miejsc wszyscy grają powerplay co to będzie, kiedy wyda się że Wiśniewski to nie ja że to"
  • One of the best ones - Bruce Cockburn
    "Guess I'd get along without you If I had no choice It's taken me this long to find you Done a lot of getting ready for this Some things we learn so slow But look at you, you've got plenty behind you (CHORUS:)"
  • The Best - ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
    "The mime's conceit has conquered over real beauty Grinning from a mask of hollowed bone Where a human is somewhere to be found But where I don't know And things couldn't be better From behind the halls"
  • The Best Of - Furthermore
    "the best things in life are gazed at the carpet of stars (stars) trig question and you knew it blockade you runs right through it the best things in life have qualities like when we laugh (laugh) half"
  • The Best - T.Love
    "I`m just another lonely boy I hate the news, I`ve heard today I`m just another lonely man On our lonely planet I wanna be independent I wanna be independent for one day Love is the answer For all the bad"
  • The Best - Pumpkinhead
    "(Pumpkinhead) This is a Crazy Legs backspin This is comin home drunk from a club, to a back massage and aspirin This is Michael Jackson, when he had black skin Singin "ABC" with his brothers, in Quincy"
  • The Best - Guy
    "(feat. 1 Life 2 Live) Yeah, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh Yeah.. Yes, G-U-Y and I Gotta get a piece of this pie Gonna take you on a high Do or die Are you with it Cause you can be the one who can get it And"
  • The Best - Kool Moe Dee
    "(The best) Like other music rap is an art And if you wanna get the feeling, got to feel it in your heart You need brain power, dictation Vocabulary, articulation Creativity and originality Execution of"
  • Best Meets Best - Ms. Jade
    "(feat. Lady Luck) B-Brokers, Best meets best (The best) It's about time, don't you think? (Hey) Some real chicks Doin' real shit (Concern yaself) It just don't get much better (Whoo-ooo) You can't"
  • Guardians Of The Night - Ich Troje
    "streets light turn the city on chaos comes alive sun is gone until the down a Battel to survive from a silence comes a sound closing in on you a tidal wave a rumble ringing true we’re looking for souls who"
  • Best of Friends - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "Some things are different, some the same Some turn over, some don't change Time and music all forgive And in the best of friends the spirit lives Set in motion by the ages Crossing notions, makin' waves Two"
  • Best Of Friends - Joan Baez
    "We may not always be the best of lovers But if you leave it to me I think I can see We'll always be the best of friends And one day when I am old and on the porch With knittings around my knees you hear"
  • Best of Strangers - Bill Anderson
    "Love is full of happiness but love is full of dangers The very best of sweethearts and became the best of strangers I only knew that your two lips could kiss and whisper sweet I never stopped to think"
  • Best Of Me - Far Too Jones
    "I don't think you're ever gonna need To call me by my name anymore And I don't think I'm ever gonna need To be hanging around your door And I know When time gets the best of me It won't matter anymore And"
  • Best Of Me - Ratt
    "What do you get when you've got the best The best woman in this wild, wild west She's got me smiling from coast to coast A year from now were still goin for broke It's such a feeling, never gonna stop"
  • Best Of Intentions - Animal Planet
    "Animal Planet Miscellaneous Best Of Intentions I had the best of intentions When I got out of bed today I set out to make things right Make some of the pain go away World peace seemed so out of reach So"
  • Best Of Me - Amanda Marshall
    "Drop those flowers - back away slowly You jumped in thinking this was holy water Well surprise surprise This is not a test Welcome to the party I've been on my best behaviour but I think it's time"
  • Best Of Times - Cetera Peter
    "Cetera Peter One More Story Best Of Times Things get bad, times get tough Everybody knows You gotta be a little stronger Just to have the things you need Everybody knows If you try a little harder You're"

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