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  • Di - Acid Bath
    "Summer feels like death Godless we run In my eyes there dreams an ocean Hell beneath my tongue I understand And don't care Well the skyscrapers look like gravestones From out here Throwback With blood"
  • Get Up (Di-Rect) - DI-RECT
    "Di-rect Get up (boer) 1, 2 1, 2, 3, 4 youre such a fool my friend wanting to be with them how can you move by the roof hanging out and acting cool There wanna be some school Youre such a geek my friend Longing"
  • Boom Di Boom Di - Skull
    "Me ready when you ready me they'll be no need fa searching girl (Boom di Boom di Boom) Me have de some fe you some yo me give you de working girl (Boom di Boom di Boom) Tonight is the night they'll be"
  • La-di-da-di - Slick Rick
    "Okay party people in the house...This is something you never witnessed before...Yes, it's the incredible Doug E. Fresh...With his partner, the grand wizard MC, Ricky DD, and that's me in the place to be.We"
  • La Di Da Di - Doug E. Fresh
    "OK, party people in the house You're about to witness something you've never witnessed before Yes, it's the original human beat box, Doug E. Fresh And his partner, the grand wizard, MC Ricky D, D And that's"
  • La-Di Da-Di - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "To all the stupid in the house You are about to witness something you have never witnessed before You said they couldn't do it but This is for Kenny Muhammad and his lucky two: Grand Whiz and Little Jimmy (indecipherable) That"
  • Di Eagle An' Di Bear - Linton Kwesi Johnson
    "DI EAGLE AND DI BEAR Di Eagle and di Bear a keep a living in fear Of the impending nuclear warfare But as a matter of fact " believe it or not Plenty people don't care whether it imminent or not Or who"
  • La Di Da Di Live - Slick Rick
    "(feat. Doug E. Fresh) Hit it! Aww yea! Yea... La di da di... la di da di, La di, la di! You know what, you peep this, La di da di, we like to party. We don't cause trouble, we dont bother nobody. We're..."
  • Figli Di Pitagora - Eiffel 65
    "Siamo figli di Pitagora e di Casadei, di Macchiavelli e di Toto Cresciuti con una morale cattolica e con i Depeche Mode Siamo figli di Pitagora e di Trinita di Michelangelo e di Dario Fo Cresciuti con"
  • La Di Da - Murmurs
    "Dead good at faking all the romance Only seventeen Shot down, waiting for the action It's a beauty Won't you take me for a walk? Don't you wanna show me off? Won't you take me for a walk? I need attention You're"
  • Buss Di Dance - Kardinal Offishall
    "(Intro: Kardinal Offishall) Yeah, well ok let's get it movin let's get it started This is Kardinal Offishall T Dot style But right about now you see me for 2K3 in the place to be Kardi Kardi, he likes"
  • Reverse Di Ting - Beenie Man
    "Dong! Hey! Mi chat give dem di back way talk Papa San gave dem di sideway talk Tek out mi key and mi car weh mi start Put it inna reverse watch yuh wave through glass, cau Reverse di ting mi a go reverse"
  • Stile Di Joe - Inoki
    "Sono qua con stile di joe joe,acqua di gi,scuse da joe,sai di cosa parlo di giorgio armani,resto qui e mi lavo le mani,resto di schiuma,you loke a pussy pussy,resto qui che in giro non c' flussi.ma si"
  • Qualcosa Di Forte - Alexia
    "Quanta pioggia gi dagli occhi scender Prima di trovare la mia strada Quanta acqua sotto I ponti passera' Prima di incrontarti di nuovo amore mio E intanto batte batte batte Batte il sole pi in l Sulla"
  • Di Na Mahintay - Heart Evangelista
    "Di na Mahintay (from the album 'Heart') Mga titig na may lambing Mga ngiti kay tamis At hanggang sa paghimbing Ikaw pa rin ang nais Para lang tuliro Sabi nila'y ganito Di mapigil ang tibok ng puso Sa"
  • Loop Di Loop - Shonen Knife
    "It's a muggy silly sunny day Let's get up early in the morning like a bird Take a ride to the happy crazy fun fun park The amusement park we'll have lots of fun Every saturday ooo every sunday ooo Every"
  • See Di Youth - Dub Incorporation
    "Alaaslama awine idmousene Lhodohanagh azazit awine itiswane awine itiswane awine itiswane Asalam alikome I'm singing roots,singing roots,singing roots in a di ghetto ouwo ouwo For di youth,for my youth"
  • Croce Di Oro - Patti Page
    "You'll be gone when the dawn comes tomorrow You'll be far, far away out at sea So I give you this croce di oro It will bring you home safely to me Ev'ry hour we're apart will be sorrow In the chapel"
  • Nu-Di-Ty - Kylie Minogue
    "I like it Nu nu di di ty Burning down the scene Nu-di-ty (whoo) Hang your coat up Hang your coat up Lock the doors up Lock the doors up Let the steam rise in the skylight (alright) Alright, are you ready"
  • Al-Di-La - Skeeter Davis
    "La la la la la la la la la [ strings ] Al-di-la means you are far above me very far Al-di-la as distant as the lovely evening star Where you walk flowers bloom when you smile the gloom turn to sunshine And"

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