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the scripts

  • I fought the angels - The Delgados
    "I fought the angels here today Hope my defeat will end this play I only have myself to blame Everybody knows that Softly softly wins the game Trust I'll try to learn again My words are seldom for"
  • Jenny From The Block - The Lox
    "Children growing Women producin Men go working Some do stealing Everyone's got to make a living (The Lox) L-O-X, yeah J Lo, yeah Yeah, yo, yo We off the block this year Went from a low to a lot this year Everybody"
  • The Rival Cycle - The Receiving End Of Sirens
    "Alongside all hearts as they finish with backdrop cities; as jagged teeth are digging deeper. Ripping new wounds for former scars; stricken with insomnia sickened lungs insist on heavy breathing. And"
  • The Presidents - Animaniacs
    "Heigh ho, do you know The names of the U.S. residents Who then became the presidents And got a view from the White House loo Of Pennsylvania Avenue? George Washington was the first, you see He once chopped"
  • The Smackdown - Apathy
    "(Rise) Rise Apathy C-Rayz Walz and Celph Titled (Verse 1: Rise) So stuck up you could see my head from 9 blocks Keep my rhymes locked in a metal safe with time locks Waitin for a thief and we've been"
  • The jester race - In Flames
    "Rush faster on the one-way lane the answers so silent Rysty gods in their machine-mind armours grind our souls in the millstone of time the "deathbed harvest" is a dead mans banquet of mould ridden bread"
  • The Cryptic Stench - Cannibal Corpse
    "Tearing at my neck my sharpened teeth pierce the meat My warm bloodied prey sustains my life for one more day The oldest of souls, left behind after life Before death I was nothing but human Indulgence"
  • The Great Migration - Bronze Nazareth
    "(Intro: Bronze Nazareth) The Great Migration... grab on, it's free, nigga Pick it up from your local street corner, nigga By the fucking liquor store Yeah... check me, yo.. check mate (Bronze Nazareth) In"
  • The Final Call - Black Market Militia
    "* doing background vocals (Intro: Killah Priest) My lord, hear thy prayer As we sit amongst our fathers.. (Killah Priest) From black Israelites to a liberal life, young guy from prison Fight the system,"
  • The Black Market - Mars Ill
    "(Verse 1: manCHILD) The black market, where blue blooded emcees split red seas since it started Where beyond gold and platinum is the target Rockin it with real skill leaves greenhorns green with envy And"
  • Just The Tip - Zebrahead
    "We got bruised wrists Kick flips and an ill invasion They say loose lips sink ships but might get you probation And we're deep six in the mix ripping round rotation Chucking cheap tricks and kung fu kicks"
  • In the wind - Eightball
    "Here comes the one they call the P.I. -- M.P. Straight out the cut no one can see I -- bust these Way out of touch with all them bustas in my rear view but see they game, so lame, I can hear through I"
  • I'm The Bizmarkie - Biz Markie
    "It's me the diabolical, biz mark symbolical I shakes from scripts of hits I made a while ago Now I'm on the run again starting other capers And people couldn't catch me even if I was "the vapors" I leave"
  • The Lair Of Anubis - Aeternus
    "breathe the scent of death lie in sacred forms tombs of ancient souls ruler of the dead speak the names of might hold the sacred rite now to dwell in the once you walked the earth chambers of a lost"
  • Behind The Lodge Door - Altered Aeon
    "Time for initiation The origin of all to be - Revealed From now on the lodge shall be your eyes Your thoughts, your very self A string in the web you shall become The will of the lodge be done Weaved inside... An"
  • The Whisperers - The The
    "A lonely silhouette Smoking a cigarette Hoping for the phone to ring Though she's sick of the sound Of people's mouths Winding her up And putting her down Don't get sad When people that you trusted stab"
  • Jenny From The Bronx - Jennifer Lopez
    "L.O.X YEA J.LO Yea yea,yea,yo,yo (LOX) We off the block this year went from a low to a lot this year everybody mad at the rocks that i wear i know i'm going and i know where im from you hear LOX"
  • God Only Knows - Des'ree
    "I'm the keeper of your funny jokes Sit beside me, make me laugh some more, yeah We're all looking for a savior, I can see one, Coming through the door. To the light are you a follower For the truth"
  • Don't Sweat The Technique - Eric B And Rakim
    "Don't sweat the technique (2x) Let's trace the hints and check the file, let's see who bit to detect the style. I flip the scripts so they can't get foul, at least not now, it'll take a while. I changed"
  • God? - The Dodos
    "No one to hold, no place to lie I know we're all alone and still You come to brush this gray aside I know, I know, it's fate I feel You answer to our hungry eyes I hope, I hope this must be real We need"

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