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this is a story

  • This Story - Ten Shekel Shirt
    "So here I am thirty minutes late to the movie The action is already well under way So how am I supposed to tell what's happening here I'd like to know what's really going on I haven't been here very long Easily"
  • This Is The Story - Elvis Presley
    "(Arnold - Morrow - Martin) I play the song, it was our own Your photograph's by my side I know I can't forget you So I don't even try The note you left is in my hand I read again what you say You're"
  • This Is Our Story - Monster
    "Listen, why don't you listen? You never hear the things I'm saying, you never listen, If you don't want to listen to me, why do you ask me? Why do you ask me what I think Choices, we have to make them You"
  • Story - XXANAXX
    "Let say that this is a story pat About people that we barely know They don’t know much about themselves And they don’t know if they’re cool And that’s that __ park In her deep blue eyes And there are"
  • Story - Maroon 5
    "Do you mean all the things you are? Are you pleased with the way things are? Wear that dress to protect this scar, That only I have seen. Do you give just to please yourelf? Do you wish you were somewhere"
  • Story - Mrozu
    "They’re making money I sit back in my seat alone. See me coming I'm speeding on, a city road when lights go on wind came up action, camera even though when the lights made up went on We know excatly where"
  • A Story - Violent Femmes
    "I got a story A sad sad story About a girl Who met a boy About her mother Whose vision saw her Daughter to marry Another boy (Nooo nooo nooo...) They made a plan To get away To run away And though it be"
  • Every Story Is A Love Story - Broadways
    "Every story Tale of memoir Every saga or romance Whether true Or fabricated Whether planned Or happenstance Whether sweeping through the ages Casting centuries aside Or a hurried brief recital Just a"
  • Every Story Is A Love Story - Aida
    "Every story, tale or memoir Every saga or romance Whether true or fabricated Whether planned or happenstance Whether sweeping through the ages Casting centuries aside Or a hurried brief recital Just a"
  • A Story To Tell - Woe, Is Me
    "Let's go No one ever said this life would come easy, For God's sake you just have to believe me. I will go until the floor breaks beneath me, So place your bets, this shit won't be easy. Go. Why believe"
  • This Is How The Story Goes - Atmosphere
    "And this is (*repeated*) (And this is how the story goes) Sometimes I focus vision on the floater (what's that?) But rarely will I do it when I'm sober (you're always drunk) I like how her hair holds"
  • This Story In Me - Tanita Tikaram
    "A scene so simple As if you're carried along I've seen - Some strange things and He says: "I'm used to winning" Hearts abound "I'm used to striking bands" The sound I'm used to turning every leading Story"
  • This Is My Story - Spin 360
    "At just the right time when I was powerless You paid the ransom for my stains Through faith I'm justified and by Your grace I'm found No longer bound by heavy chains This is my story, this is my song This"
  • This is my story - Aaron Neville
    "This is my story, I have no song Just alone and broken hearted Just because I fell in love In love with you I pray that you'll come back to me Just to hear you say you love me And we'll never, ever part"
  • This Story Must Be Told - NoMeansNo
    "He pushed her in the alley, and he tried to lay her low He grabbed her in the dark, this story must be told She looked him in the eye and his blood ran cold She said, I know a little story, and this"
  • How Does This Story End? - Dean Friedman
    "By Dean Friedman How does this story end? I guess we'll have to wait until the final credits roll. I suppose it will depend on whether two unlikely halves can make a whole. Or whether something hidden"
  • A Ususal Story - Nayaree
    "I see an old man waking up today Hes asking What for?. I hear an old man thinking today What can he have more? Something is calling so he needs To start to believe That this struggles just beginning Cause"
  • There's A Story - Kim Mitchell
    "Not an abstract, don't come with instructions Growing, growing My soul it whispers with such emotion Find me, find me One day I'll look back, fall into a dreaming ????? Good dreams, good dreams Will"
  • A Little Story - Make Up Your Mind
    "Verse1: Once there was this dude, he was the coolest of town, Never without girls and always doing fine, Pretty face, the best at sports, cool motorbike, belonged to the top, Got what he wanted and all"
  • A little story - Pitbull
    "School yall to somethin right quickSit down, open your ears, close your eyes, listenHeres a little story that I got to tellAbout this Chico named Pit everyone knows so wellIllmatic like Nas but that aint"

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