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tiesto dance 4

  • Dance 4 life - DJ Tiesto
    "feat Maxi Jazz You only take heat when you need toYou only take heat (E) when you need toAnd you need toCome let me brief youAnd let you see where greed leads toAnd you need toInspire the love inside your"
  • Sweet Surrender (Dj Tiesto Remix) - Sarah McLachlan
    "It doesn't mean much it doesn't mean anything at all the life I've left behind me is a cold room I've crossed the last line from where I can't return where every step I took in faith betrayed me and led"
  • Dance 4 U - B5
    "B5 B5 Dance 4 U B5 Can I dance for you Let me dance for you Bad Boy Can I dance for you Let me dance for you Can I talk to you Baby I'm feelin your style your smile your everything I wanna rock with"
  • Dance 4 you - B5
    "B5Can I dance for youLet me dance for youBad BoyCan I dance for youLet me dance for you Can I talk to youBaby I'm feelin your style your smile your everythingI wanna rock with youYour just the type I like"
  • Dance 4 me - Vanessa S.
    "Tonight were genna party hard because the work is done, me and the crew know what were gonna do is all were gonna have some fun bounce to the beat, were cruising in the street and rolling in the four by"
  • Dance - Chanel
    "It feels like somebody should be dancing Up in here The love, the love is right Be everybodys just standing Ooooh ooo All my fellas in the club just do what you do (Ladies) Its all about you (Dont be) Up"
  • Innocente (Tiesto Mix) - Delerium
    "Darling when did we fall? When was it over?Darling when? When did we fall? When was it over?Darling when? When did you cry? I couldn't hear youI suppose it is the price of falling in love.I suppose it"
  • 4 Souls - La The Darkman
    "Intro: This is how we goin' do We goin' do this right Word, word is bond Know what I'm sayin' This is la wid the track Know what I'm sayin You know how we do Word up, yo Let dark pass no stunting >from"
  • Alternative 4 - Anathema
    "It's killing you, you're killing me, I'm clinging on to my sanity, All I need is a short term remedy Come and hide me from this terrible reality... Dreaded memories flood back to me But there's still"
  • 4 Ankles - Nits
    "(Peters/Hofstede) Steps on the carpet Your partner is perfect Steps on the lino To teach you to tango It takes two more lessons Then I got the chances To meet all the girls who Are waiting for dances Put"
  • 4 You - Montell Jordan
    "1 - God'll do anything for you He can deliver you If you want Him to God'll do anything for you He gave His son to you He gave his life for you You may be wondering Why we're praising God like we do All"
  • 4 AM - Scooter
    "You light up another cigarette, And I pour the wine. It's four o'clock in the morning, And it's starting to get light. You light up another cigarette, And I pour the wine. It's four o'clock in the morning, And"
  • Beautiful Things(Tiesto Remix) - Andain
    "Got up early, found something's missing my only name. No one else sees but I got stuck, and soon forever came. Stopped pushing on for just a second, then nothing's changed. Who am I this time, where's"
  • Southern Sun (Dj Tiesto Remix) - Paul Oakenfold
    "'piece by piece i release, once was mine now undone, turned blue like New orleans, and went down like a southern sun, i still feel you beneath my skin, i am tempted to throw my senses in' 'coz it's easier"
  • Colors (feat. Tiesto & Andreas Moe) - Hardwell
    "Purple skies, vivid dreams When you breath next to me Now your heart is in the gold There is a mystery that I wanna know No more hurt into field In the dark we can glow Past the night, there is a feel where"
  • Dance On - Prince
    "Oh, pick it up! There's a bass guitar in this Grenade Launcher roars in a television sky Tell me how many young brothers must die Dance on, dance on Dance on, dance on Little Talk Johnny blew the big"
  • Let's Dance - Acid Android
    "Kudaranai wagamama iraira suru yoru Fukitobasu rizumu de odorikurue let's dance Ride on your stage Ring out your beat Keep on your step Uncover fake Black out imiteeshon No need shichueeshon Kairaku ni"
  • Pingo - dance - David Hasselhoff
    "Pingu ...Pingu ...Ok everybody, this is the pingu pranceAll everybody have to do the pingu danceMy name is pingu, come on dance to the beatIt?s easy if you try just watch my feetIt?s all, be happy and"
  • Dance Floor - Bobby Valentino
    "dont wanna end the night right cuz the show's about to start wanna put her in a museum cuz she's a work of art she's the center of attention seems like everybody knows all the guys tryna get with her,"
  • Beechwood 4-5789 - The Carpenters
    "You can have this dance with me You can hold my hand and whisper In my ear sweet words, that I Love to hear (*) Don't be shy, just take your time I'd like to get to know you I'd like to make you mine I've"

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