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udka happy sad

  • Happy Sad - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: Andrei Cunha ureshii no ni kanashikunaru yo na anata wa totemo fushigina koibito sonna yutsu na kao shitetara mo nanimo hanasenakunaru darekani koi shite mata furaretan desho happy"
  • Happy sad - Gemma Hayes
    "My dirty joy, my laden backMy will to live is under attackI have the days when it comes easyMy blue eyed boy got show and tellI need your laugh to make me wellNo light is coming through my windowGotta"
  • Sad Happy - Cold
    "She was only seventeen and forced to blame it on herself as she hides away to tame the pain she feels she was thrown to a scene a drunken man without a will and a God that makes mistakes and still"
  • Sad - Nirvana
    "And if you say your prayers, you will make God happy And if you do what's true, you will make me happy I'll keep you in a jar, and you will seem happy I'll give you breathing holes, you will think you're"
  • Happy To Be Sad - Bracket
    "I'm happy to be sad (x4) I'm sad because I'm happy And I'll throw my cares away I love to see the clouds ruin a sunny day I'm happy to be sad (x4) I'm sad because I'm happy And I'll throw my cares away I"
  • Happy To Be Sad - Ben Platt
    "Waking up beside you brings a kind of refuge It’s the armor that I need to face the day For a second I forgot that you were leaving soon Then the armor falls away This time there’s no broken hearts And"
  • Sad Sad Story - Neil Sedaka
    "Look at the lady she's the one with the broken heart Even so she musn't know that I've loved her from the start She needs a friend now more than a new romance I'd love to take her in my arms but I can't"
  • Happy - Fool's Garden
    "Hi the captain says: "Hello" for the last time "We're goin' here and as you see we're fading there I'm not willing to satisfy your small way of thinking, cause my attitude has changed and now I'm right"
  • Happy - Plain White T's
    "I want to feel good Sick of feeling so bad I wanna be happy, happy, happy What's the point of being sad? Yeah yeah I wanna feel good Got this day and I don't wanna waste it Wanna have fun without getting"
  • Happy - Hilary Duff
    "(Verse One) I understand why you're looking for tears in my eyes Trust me they were there but now the well has dried I was in so deep but couldn't get out I sat on feelings that I buried deep down I knew"
  • Happy - Liam Lynch
    "I am really special cuz there's only one of me look at my smile, I'm so damn happy, other people are jealous of me when I'm sad and lonely, I like to sing this song it cheers me up and shows me that I"
  • Happy - Mindi Abair
    "I never cried for forgiveness I never cried to change it all I never remember feeling anything I never cried at all I never thought about my innocence I know exactly where it went I had no choice but to"
  • Happy - Sita
    "There's a man sitting down by the 405 Hitting some kind of tune on his raving guitar He seems stranded in a desert of a million dreams Just like life hasn't been exactly as nice as it seems Hello! How"
  • Happy - B2K
    "(Jhene feat.Omari from B2K) (Jhene and Omarion) J:Uhh...you know what? O:What? J:I loved you...even though u treated me wrong O:oh,come on J:and I know I'm supposed to be sad, but I got a new man now,"
  • I'm So Sad That You're Happy - Cindy Alexander
    "I lost..I lied I can't stand to see you smile I crawled...I cried And I know I need to Get a grip Get a life Close the windows in my eyes Change my view Change my vibe Say it's over 50 times I beg...I"
  • Sad Anymore - Tom Odell
    "I don’t wanna be sad anymore I don’t wanna be sad anymore I don’t wanna be sad anymore I don’t wanna be sad anymore Look at all the happy people Look at all the happy people baby Look at all the happy"
  • Sad Violins - Red Sovine
    "Tonight I'm back at our old table in our favorite hide-a-way Where we used to laugh and dance and hear those happy fiddles play But the love she once had for me couldn't stand the test of time Now the"
  • Scary Sad - All
    "All in my mind but there's no shaking Scary, sad things out of my mind Always on time, but there's no time to Bring the scary, sad girl back to life None in her heart, some of the things She did seemed"
  • Sad Forever - Lauren Spencer-Smith
    "I know the sun is out I got a couple songs people like to talk about And I should be happy I know people say It comes and goes But if I’m feeling it every day It’s more than a bad week Will I be sad"
  • Sad Song - David Byrne
    "You may think I look sad But I am just sleeping It's my facial expression I'm probably dreaming Would you like to be sad? Would you like me to teach you? Well, you can learn to be sad But you must practice"

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