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watch together

  • Together - Mad Skillz
    "Yo, yo, I spit six of rap figures, get your (shit) together Require some (shit) to stitch your lips together My click stick together, mic rip together Move no bricks or I make hits to flip my cheddar No"
  • Together - Skindred
    "Man we're living in a dangerous time Every nation to the father seeks a sign You're either righteous or the heathen infidel It's only judgment morning every tongue will tell Rumours rumours everywhere Times"
  • Together - Dwele
    "I hope that you'll agree And find our love to be One of the most radiant affinities Always in love is true You'll do for me as well I will do for you And will watch this love build I love you more than"
  • Together - Solomon Childs
    "(Intro: Solomon Childs) Yeah, I'm dedicated this To my man Tony Lovitt, we love you God (Chorus 2X: Solomon Childs) Got to blaze in any kinda weather, shed blood together Ain't no need of thinkin' how"
  • Together - Busta Rhymes
    "Hey yo Swizz.. This shit sound like some shit The streets wanna do the merengue to (yeah) Or dance around a sombrero to, WHOO!!! Yeah, another special from Flipmode Records Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"
  • Together - S Club Juniors
    "Da da da da da da da daDa da da da da da da daDa da da da da da da daDaI am naughty but niceI am sweetness and lightI will make your dreams come trueI love to dance through the nightI love to watch the"
  • Watch This - Clay Walker
    "(Anthony Smith/Aaron Barker/Ron Harbin) If you've never felt what happens when two hearts Fall together Or never seen love written in the stars And knew it was forever If you dont believe that destiny Can"
  • Mother watch - Ferlin Husky
    "Oh what a wonderful happy day up there on the golden strand When I can hear Jesus my Saviour say shake hands with mother again She never closed her eyes at night till we were all in bed On partly nights"
  • Watch Me Bleed - Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    "The silence keeps it easy keeps you safe for the moment. As you're walking away your foot steps get louder. All you needed was time But now time will destroy us. It will all be over, and here we are we're"
  • Watch and chain - Iron & Wine
    "Lost my watch, watch and chain, but time's not lostThis time we walk together beside the slow black riverWater-walking over mud you whisper somethingSomething good in my ear, so I stop so I can hear:"Darling,"
  • Watch And Chain - Iron And Wine
    "Lost my watch, watch and chain, but time's not lost This time we walk together beside the slow black river Water-walking over mud you whisper something Something good in my ear, so I stop so I can hear: "Darling,"
  • Watch Your Step - The Spencer Davis Group
    "You'd better take it easy, baby, before you go away You've got me, baby, but you'll get yours someday You'd better, baby, (watch your step) Talking about you (watch your step) Every night and day (watch"
  • Watch Your Step - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Parker) You better take it easy baby Before you go away You keep me worried And you get yours one day Watch your step (4 x) Keep your eyes wide open Cos you'll be hurtin' down inside You better leave"
  • Watch Over Me - Aaron Shust
    "I was lonely You came waltzing over to me And Your eyes they saw right through me And You heard each one of my cries for help And You came to rescue me I was broken Every prayer that I had spoken Reached"
  • Watch Me Drown - Scars Of Life
    "Although my mind is open, my heart is tightly closed with all the hate that holds me, I wish I didn't own for all the years that pass by, I know I should have changed how can one man sever, the links that"
  • Watch dem niggaz - Nas
    "They never realized how real NAS is so decisive it's just the likeness if Isrealites mist that made me write this a slight twist of lime rhyme be chasin down your primetime foos for thouught we rather"
  • Together Alone - Soft Cell
    "Another day melts into the evening I sit alone and watch the stars Remembering times I think of the past Here in my isolation In the solitary situation Reality hurts Where memories last When you whisper"
  • Back Together - Screaming Trees
    "Watching shadows fall across the floor And the wind blows wild Step outside into the night Step outside myself for awhile It all comes apart but then my eyes Try to put it back together It all comes apart"
  • Ain't Together - King Princess
    "I know you’re with me and I’d love to see someone else call you and all this in-between you think it’s hard for me to tell you’re falling? or we’re falling being chill being chill with you oh it kills I"
  • Stick Together - Floorpunch
    "We're all friends and we'll stick together These fucking ties we have can't be severed Watch our backs, we're standing strong With my friends I know I can't go wrong When I'm down you're always there"

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