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  • Wayfarer - Hot Water Music
    "It's a gamble, double down or don't. Just step out if you want to or stay in if you're bold. It could be a sure shot or just as well a fold. Since guessing is never easy and wishes never sold like gold. The"
  • Wayfarer Youth - Alexisonfire
    "Look forward, look forward All you highway livers It's time to leave the landlord Swinging from the highest tree We don't live, We fall To every corner of the earth Fuck your fences Fuck your borders This"
  • The Eternal Wayfarer - Edguy
    "Back in the day I never had to choose my way without a clue No need for a hand Unaware that I was dancing on the edge but wasn't a due Oh, serene's the sea behind me Into the whirl of devil time A gentle"
  • Lagoon - Nightwish
    "I went into the wilderness with Uncle Walt I discovered the wild Learning to suck all the experience Seeing the world through cradle's bars The wild blessed me with an errant mind Showing the way for"
  • Beethoven's Nightmare - Dragonland
    "Twilight, Candlelit walls A Strong Crescendo Highlight the lonely calls From my piano Melody, come to me sing your silent voice Remedy my envy Bring me one last choice Why, why can't you bring me to"
  • Liberty Ship - La's
    "I am the toiler the old ship-slave I stoke that fire that keeps you brave And this I give for all mankind Sail away on an ocean wave I am the voyager of the ocean grey I wayfarer see fairway And this"

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