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when I hold you

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when I hold you

  • When I Drive - September When
    "Sometimes when the pressure gets too hard for me and the rain pours on my head My feet won't walk me and my eyes won't see and my coat is soaking wet But when I drive My car so independently alive When"
  • When You Hold Me - Jaci Velasquez
    "You've been so good to me and maybe that's why I move so carelessly through the greet and goodbyes I don't notice all the little things, that's why I'm scared I have been noticing here and I'm needing"
  • When You Hold Me - Erann Drori
    "How can I tell you When there's so much to say Darling, where, where should I start And where should I end I know, you know this feeling I know you understand Finding the words, ain't that easy Let's keep"
  • Hold - Rick Derringer
    "Ocean's gonna roll without me And river's gonna flow without me And love it's gonna spin without me And there'll be songs to be sung, Long after I'm gone I walk by the stream, As the sun goes down (Sun"
  • Hold - Saves The Day
    "Oh well, you've got me under your spell and I don't think that I'm kidding around. I don't think I can forget you now. I once sat up on my roof and examined the planning of my town. I saw the structured"
  • When You Hold Me Tight - John Hiatt
    "(let me hear ya get funky now) When your heart touches mine And my thoughts explode When our wires get crossed And the fire burns my soul Then I know you're home When you shine your light And"
  • When I Hold You In My Arms - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "When I hold you in my arms it's a breath of fresh air, when I hold you in my arms I forget what's out there, All those people with their faces walkin' up the street, They don't have to say a thing just"
  • When I Hold You In My Arms - Neil Young
    "When I hold you in my arms it's a breath of fresh air, when I hold you in my arms I forget what's out there, All those people with their faces walkin' up the street, They don't have to say a thing just"
  • Hold You - Basto
    "I just want to hold you When the music starts to play All my fears just fade away Cause when you hold me Seems the night is gone I just wanna hold you Boy you take away the pain You let the sun shine through"
  • Hold You - Deepside Deejays
    "I never told you I'd give my life I could hold you I'm losing sound when I should love you You are my sun where there's no light Make it rise, alright Told you I'd give my life I could hold you I'm losing"
  • Hold You - Axxis
    "I see my life like a ship in the rain sometimes lost in the ocean There's no aim - it's drifting away There's no wind to set it in motion Silence spreads its wings in the air I can hear the waves"
  • Hold you - Omd
    "To hold you Love you See you smile at the break of day To touch you Know you Want you by me. When yore far away It's easy to say But hard to do When yore in love With some foolish child And everybody Just"
  • Hold You - Bonfire
    "Turn your head (walk away) Deep inside, did you wanna stay? (Are you ready?) Love is gonna catch you Every nice(make a scene) Do you tell me what I really need? (Are you ready?) Love is gonna catch "
  • Hold you - Martin Jondo
    "And I will hold you forever never let you go I will row down Jah river right beside you in my heart is a fire it never will be through no burn come a come a pretty darling let me turn let me turn let me"
  • When To Hold On - Jennifer Brown
    "Speaking from experience I know what you've been through I know you're hurt I have been hurt too Love dies hard And life goes on Only time will tell When to hold on When to let go When to forget And I'll"
  • When life's hold on - Tony Oller
    "Can you tell me, where's the story going? What is the ending? Cuz I'm starting to question all of these. I've been waiting, for a happy ending. But nothing's beginning, so tell me now. When life's on hold, and"
  • I wanna hold your hand - I Against I
    "Oh yeah i'll tell you something, i think you'll understand. whenI say that something, i wanna hold your hand, i wanna hold yourHand, i wanna hold your hand. o please say to me, you'll let meBe your man."
  • Know When to Hold 'Em - Bloodlined Calligraphy
    "This one goes out to my friends, family. The ones that have been there through thick and thin. Being true and standing tall, helping me pick myself up whenever I fall. Family extends farther than blood,"
  • I Wanna Hold You - Joan Armatrading
    "You got the look I like You make the people stare And it's getting me In a state You're going out With someone I don't approve of And it's getting me In a state I see you in a restaurant I wanna hold"
  • Hold Me - And Then I Turned Seven
    "The things we face each day are becoming more intense. The never ending battle with things that make no sense. The constant pushing from our parents to succeed. We don't know in return, we don't know who"

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