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will i am ft eva simons

  • High Above of Me (Ft. Simone Simons) - Timo Tolkki's Avalon
    "Seasons change the price you pay for the Ignorance won't leave me be on my own Still I am dreaming forevermore Seasons change, the snow is falling Covering the ruins that once were alive Laughing summer"
  • This Girl (feat. Eva Simons, T.I.) - Stafford Brothers
    "Make me feel like I'm fallin skydiver Will taken me higher helicopter That's the rash that I get when I'm thinking of you Give me wings Make me star Wake me up Make me shine Pull me close So we dive What"
  • This Is Love (feat. Eva Simons) - Will.I.Am
    "If you love it like I love it And you feel what I feel inside If you want it like I want it Then baby let’s get it tonight If you feel it, say hell yeah (hell yeah) Say hell yeah (hell yeah) Say hell yeah"
  • EVA (ft. Mesajah) - Cleo
    "zanim byłam tu miąłeś nudny ład w bałaganie cudów Bóg ulepił nas sami, sami, sami zanim, zanim , zanim , zanim raj ten zgasł bez ciebie ciężko nam z sobą trudno jest nie wiem ale pewnie w piekle nie ma"
  • Evo - Blue Foundation
    "So long for now, I will take what you said and did, and fold it all around my heart So calm for now, But I feel unrest working in my spine (One blow in the nape of my neck, A hot kiss) So long for now,"
  • Take over control - Afrojack ft. Eva Simons
    "Let's go take a ride in your car I will take the passenger seat Baby we don't have to go far Unless you want to show Be at a lovely place out of town Where you feel most steady Well you are the one that"
  • Craziest Things (ft. will.i.am) - Cheryl Cole
    "We say the craziest things We say the craziest things Like I love you, hate you, don't need you F**k you I don't ever wanna see you again We say the craziest things We say the craziest things Like I love"
  • I Don't Like You - Eva Simons
    "fade to the darkness all the way at the start gets i hoped there for once i had escaped the fakes, the snakes waste of time so face so face i’ll be bald enough to throw on an ish i belong to say to say the"
  • Eva Braun - Calico System
    "A lot can happen in an instant Changing always and forever A lot can happen in an instant Changing always and forever We should try sleeping with enemies Pursuing sensations like machines To feel false"
  • Eva - Umberto Tozzi
    "EVA Prima o poi di follia scoppiera' mezza umanita' su di noi stormi di nucleari avvoltoi ma l'amore e' un dio e saremo io e te l'arca di noe' questo amore crea e alla fine di questa odissea saro'"
  • Eva - Nightwish
    "6:30 winter morn Snow keeps falling, silent dawn A rose by any other name Eva leaves her Swanbrook home A kindest heart which always made Me ashamed of my own She walks alone but not without her name Eva"
  • Eva - Stars Are Falling
    "Waiting is so hard to do. Eva, I love you but I cannot keep on waiting for you to come home. I just don't care what tonight may think of this idea. Everything falls apart. Waiting. I can't recognize you. I"
  • Eva - Dan Bern
    "The sermon at the church on Hollywood Boulevard Is on Adam and the Fall of Man Now I know exactly what they mean I feel a lot like Adam myself these days Fallen to the ground in a '68 Ford Fallen from"
  • Eva Eva - Subsonica
    "Come eva incontra evaIncidentalmente. o comeForse un gancio teso al cuore.Come eva sfiora evaScioglie un pomeriggio e si scopreLabileVortice,CompliceVanit.Puoi chiamarlo nuotare se ti spaventa o forse"
  • Eva - Orgy
    "You know I started to growsince you've been awayLately, it's scarier not knowingWhat's become of youAre you proud of me now, I can't tellI'm not as fearless as youStill I pretend that you're still standing"
  • I am - 3rd Wish
    "Intro: everything youll ever need intro chorus: i am, i am im everything youll ever need so understand if i am your man i can heal your broken heart and make it beat again 1st verse: i really like what"
  • Something Really Bad (ft. will.I.am) - Dizzee Rascal
    "Yo, I had a hell of a night I was out of my mind Turned up I was high as a kite A jolly fellow I was showing my bright whites And getting trippy under the strobe lights I’m loving the nightlife And getting"
  • It Should Be Easy (ft. will.I.am) - Britney Spears
    "I've been thinking Just sitting thinking sitting On why I love you And all my reasons And if I lost you Boy, if I lost you I'd lose myself And I wouldn't feel the way I feel now You bring me sin Yes,"
  • In My City (ft. will.i.am) - Priyanka Chopra
    "I know you got your own town I know you got your own ways I know you got your own life I'm just sayin' C'mon down to my place C'mon make some new friends And tell me what you drinkin' I know there a place"
  • Hall of Fame (ft. will.i.am) - The Script
    "Yeah, You could be the greatest You can be the best You can be the king kong banging on your chest You could beat the world You could beat the war You could talk to God, go banging on his door You can"

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