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win some loose some

  • Win or loose - Ken Hensley
    "You heard some people say Love will find a way But then they stab your back The very next day What?s this all about? You begin to have your doubts But when they do you wrong That?s when you become strong"
  • Win Some, Lose Some - Robbie Williams
    "We didn't think it'd last beyond summer I met her father she met my mother We didn't have anywhere else to go She said to me when we grow older Will we still need young love on Our shoulders Does it just"
  • Win Some, Lose Some - Snuff
    "I'd like to sweep away the lies I could shake from you if I tried I'd believe your mouth but you forgot to tell your eyes I didn't think I'd see you hanging around You must have nothing to do I'm sick"
  • Win Some, Lose Some - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan Bryan Adams Win Some, Lose Some Now you know That I stood outside your window Just a little too long. What you're gonna do When the hours pass away And you know that I'm gone. Well,"
  • Win Some, Lose Some - Bryan Adams
    "Now you know That I stood outside your window Just a little too long. What you're gonna do When the hours pass away And you know that I'm gone. Well, it may be a week, It may be a day, I'm six"
  • Some - Placebo
    "Some like to dream Some like to live Some like to take Some like to give Some take enough Some take it all Some will rise And some will fall Some like it tight Some like it loose Some need a"
  • Some You Win Some You Lose - Mull Historical Society
    "But I caught a bullet through the sky And some you win, and some you lose And some you win, and some you lose But I got a bullet through the sky And some you win, and some you lose And some you"
  • Some People - Belouis Some
    "Some people dance cheek to cheek Some people dance Life was so simple then, a kind of playtime You made it easy then, we had a great time I try not to talk too fast Like you do whenyou fall in love But"
  • Some Americans - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) Some Americans are very pretty Some Americans are very shy Some Americans are Disney people Some Americans eat apple pie Some Americans scare me, the leader of the pack"
  • Some People - Alphaville
    "(Lyrics: Gold-Julie Ocean/music: Bloss-Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) Some people seem to have it all Some people always have to crawl Some people pay to be abused Some people end up destitute Some people search"
  • Some Sun - Micky Green
    "Come for some fun Come for some sun Come to forget about someone We can choose to get loose Or just spend all our time in the blue If you don't like that boat We can float at the back near the choke Come"
  • Some Nights - Fun.
    "Some nights, I stay up cashing in my bad luck Some nights, I call it a draw Some nights, I wish that my lips could build a castle Some nights, I wish they'd just fall off But I still wake up, I still"
  • Some Girls - Rachel Stevens
    "My baby drives a car Hey! He calls me when he wants Hey! I don a pair of zip-up boots (uh huh huh) I go and shake my hair out loose (uh huh huh) I never take my eyes off you Oh no no, oh no no No I don't"
  • We Some - Big Ed
    "Chorus We some mob niggas Bust your ass out your hilfigers No limit mercenary killers We some thug niggas We some tru niggas What you wanna do nigga Stomp your ass till your black and blue nigga We some"
  • Gimme Some - Big Tymers
    "(feat. TQ) Hey, this song is dedicated to the girl Brenda with the big breast-eses In the ass like the black girls, I love you Brenda... Oh when, oh when, oh when are you gon give me some? Hey ma,"
  • Some Jack - Master P
    "Verse 1 Hit the block sideways with the lights off On 23rd a young bitch about to get tossed Straight jocking the triple golds I was rolling on Car full of smoke as I tried to get my perk on Straight"
  • Some - Built To Spill
    "Some people think he's good looking Other people think he's not Some people don't even know his name Other people know it by heart Some people think he likes to go out dancing Other people not One guy"
  • Gimme Some Money - Spinal Tap
    "Stop wasting my time You know what I want You know what I need Or maybe you don't Do I have to come right flat out and tell you everything Gimme some money, gimme some money I'm nobody's fool I'm nobody's"
  • Turn Yourself Loose - John Miles
    "Why wait to give yourself a chance tomorrow? Let the feelin' grow. You don't need someone else for you to follow Anywhere you go. Leavin' your shell, You'll never turn around! You know so well What always"
  • Just some fun - The Bates
    "I think I'm on my way Yes I think that it's okay Don't wanna loose it this time Through the storm and driving rain On a starting aeroplane Don't wanna loose it this time I just wanna have some fun tonight"

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