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Autumn: The Rest Of My Days

Different winds of sorrow restrain me
Every time I try to keep my head above
I'm drowning in sadness, tears become a sea
While I'm desperately searching for a key

Help me to recover the blaze
Lead me through this life
Then I can survive
The rest of my days

Take me by my clammy hands
And bring me to a world I've never seen
Far away, to unknown lands
Across paths where I have never been

Help me to recover the blaze
Lead me through this life
Then I can survive
The rest of my days

The suppression of emotions inside
Makes that I can't mention my feelings you said
While recovering from disappointments I always slide
For I know the answer is just in my head
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Autumn: The Rest Of My Days

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Autumn: The Rest Of My Days
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Autumn: The Rest Of My Days

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