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Token: Dublin Ferry Freestyle

I didn't spend no extra money on my dad's casket
Just that shitty piece of wood
I saw the back cracking
I brought a girl to his funeral
Dress was tightly fit
Ass poking out of the back
Distracting my uncles and shit
But knowing my dad
I really didn't mind it
I wanted to fuck her inside the bathroom
But my mom was by it

She expensive but she fuck me for the free pops
So tonight we both lying inside of cheap box
Tree tops sit below my shaded window
'Cause of my amazing lingo
Bitch this house so big
It's probably getting fat-shamed by the neighbors cribbo
Just the same as Lizzo
Dawg it's plain and simple
They used to ride around with seniority
Like state officials
Now they're bending over backwards for me
It's like some game of limbo
I get so many bottles for free
I gotta invite entire gang to drink those
Even my two lawyers, Jake and Mitchell
That's three Jews walk into a bar
Sound like a racist riddle
No matter how wild they get
You can still train a pitbull
But you're in a Civic with the window cracked
There ain't no way to flip that
She wanna take the kid back
She hit the gym harder than me
She got a crazy six pack
But would risk it all to put a baby in that
I don't want no kid
But I know being my BMW
Like that same company that painted my whip black

The biggest gift my father gave me
Didn't come in no crazy gift wrap
But the fact that more often than not
He canceled on our plans
The gift he gave me was the lesson to never rely on another man
That's right
My life ain't too wild but it's nothing bland
You're not liable to understand
If you never been wired 100 grand
She toxic and violent
With fucked up plans
But I like her enough to dance
I just gotta accept attacks
She remind me of Uncle Sam

Speaking of tax, 300 flat
When I was 19 and a half
Still finishing class
Every bathroom stall in school
We put token stickers in that
They used to scratch 'em off like lottery tickets
Turns out I'm the one who's lottery hitting
My dollars keep trickling
My problems keep mimicking it
So my bottles be finished
Liquor stores at every corner of my brain
Like a neighborhood that's poverty stricken
'Cause my life is stressful
But I'm blessed so it's not to be switched with
Gotta be different

She is my muse
I'm the musician
Big attitudes like Jersey shore
But they're Hollywood women
I never wifed a bitch like Ron
I just rendezvous with 'em
Got a new system
I find my type and I just stick with that
That's why I keep the same hoodie
It just keep me relaxed
14 hundred for this one
And I got 4 of 'em
Girls keep finding each other's hairs on them
So I need more of 'em
I went to middle school in a rich town
So I was poor to 'em
Wasn't even poor but finding who's the poorest was important to 'em
Pouring a cup of vodka out my momma's bottle
Then I filled it with water
That was me at age 11
Just imagine what I evolved to
I was a YouTube kid during the SoundCloud era
Most my peers used visuals to make their style sound better
I was in the same boat
The difference is my music mattered
I never dissed a new-school rapper
I never thought 'bout who rap faster
I just let the narrative be whatever the narrative is
I can't control it
Like I couldn't control my parents and shit
And while I wish they needed less medication and more love
It is what it is
And we fortunate as fuck
Never too different
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Data dodania: 2023-11-29
Tekst dodał: AndyG
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Token: Dublin Ferry Freestyle

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Token: Dublin Ferry Freestyle

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Token: Dublin Ferry Freestyle

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