Unexpect: Psychic Jugglers

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Unexpect: Psychic Jugglers

A dialogue between paradoxes
Feuding perceptions in the everlasting
scales-tipping war

Subconscious foreword

Goblins, Imps and Farfadets of this cerebral reality
Mischievous children of the elusive spiritual magic
Atomic parcels of a slippery slippery immensity
Dance! Gambol! Exult!!
Go astray of linear paths!!
Free yourselves from the coherent slavery suggested by the Unclean!!!!

Sporadic Fireballs!! Experiment Chaos intensity!!

Perpendicular euphoria
Burst! Feverish coloured bubbles!!!
Blotch this predictable boring mindscape.


You Lunatic! Be Damned!! Irresponsible traitor to the Order!
Why why this spontaneous incitation to mutiny?!
Herald of confused notions

I AM discernment! Monochrome protector of the
cellular enclosure and its Shepherd...
These imps must be controlled, supervised, realistic


Obliterate the Lock!!! Open wide the Arena's gates and let the Goblins play!!!!

Feasting! Rejoicing! The tyrant is sleeping May the will-o-the-wisps sip His foolery as it is time for Tea! Feasting! Rejoicing! The willows are dripping As robotic genes sing lullabies, pretty, pretty ZOMBIE!! Catch a falling moon! They will paint my skin!? Voodoo!!

Besieged by you, Reason and Conformity.
Thieves of the imaginary realm,
Immolators of Childish souls Binary taste.
Strolling slowly within this infinite playground


Eccentrics ..you cannot appreciate the pertinence of a slumber devoid of rodents .
Your purple blood wade within the sensorial estimation of a slimy walled fortress!!

My wisdom submerges the disillusioned reptilian
--- Never look up or drown ---
Unwavering, Steady, Straight, Unwavering, Steady, Straight.


Grimace and run, to the opposite side of the herbivore gates who devour the greenish mixture!! I see your bones and they are aligned such as paladin ants crossing a wall of stimulating magma. Tame the Cerberus, aim with serenity and get out of its cavern the swiveling tower of Intra-cosmos!!

Stupefaction! The fictive inexistent is materializing internal visual information astounded by the absence of total nothingness. Behold Emptiness and meditate
..is it not magnificent, to transcend/surpass the focus of an elitist vision.not so hard to fix oxygen when you're living with us

Living Ideas / Goblins

Hey!!! Vile hunchback you're trampling my mushrooms!!
The me of your anyway oh! silence must prevail
Economically speaking we can't afford to let them live decently
What a grotesque nose!
Let the sun shine! Teeth are painting your inside

Bah! May rust nibble your winged boots!
Everybody! Caress your hands and let's be happy friends with big joy!
Does my can contrast with the architecture?
Talk, talk to me broomstick!
He, He Are you frightened of Free Brains?
May I borrow your head for the evening?

Humm... swimming in boiling holy water is such a bloody delight
Shut up! Gather yourselves and join the assembly: "La Sarabande commence!!!"

We're a boneless civilization in perpetual distraction
In the recess of our volcano... Digging, initializing sequence no. 9: Evolutive Eruption
We are not, we are nuts, Fools in a flesh Starship

Let's munch our gnarled fingers, oh sweet atrophy!
Skeletons in the gallery, sons of a hybrid galaxy
Trelnak Gr Chuss-Eilork Snurtifov
Screamed Words of Goblin's Faith
Just never say Checkmate
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Unexpect: Psychic Jugglers

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Unexpect: Psychic Jugglers

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Unexpect: Psychic Jugglers

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