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Vic Chesnutt: Zippy morocco

Zippy morocco with a hat on his headSet sail for the seven seasWhen his mother took to deadBarely out of teenagedomWhen his mental map was unfurledThe next thing that he knewHe found himself halfway around the worldWith nobody to send exotic postcards toWith nobody to send exotic postcards toZippy morocco as the admiral of fleetMight've been wet behind the earsBut he certainly was fast on his feetPut down a mutiny at the edge of the earthHe knew the value of the swirling sunHe never overestimated his own worthIt was the grief that whetted his appetiteIt was the grief that whetted his appetiteAnd the waves they do not tell you welcomeAnd the sand on the shoreDoes not spell out a helloSalutations they are below the surfaceListen to zippy morocco, he says,"that is what i know"Zippy morocco as the perfect pragmatistHad a hold on the astronomical oddsAnd he knew what to riskStaked a million on an easterly windCollected the holy cityNow the horse traders come to himWith their beads and cheese and horsesWith their beads and cheese and horses
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Vic Chesnutt: Zippy morocco

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Vic Chesnutt: Zippy morocco
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Vic Chesnutt: Zippy morocco

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