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Visions Of Atlantis: My Darkside Home

Blinded by the tears I shed while
Pricking my soul with needles
From out your eyes
Can't imagine it's too late
I could have seen it coming
Now I realize

It's not what it should be
Drowning in my memories
I'm drowning...
I'm living in my darkside...

My darkside home
Light is painting shadows
Where I used to go
My darkside home
Paper boats on water
Carrying all my hope

What is it you want
What is it you need
Your steps through my door
Won't tell me indeed
Out on the porch I see
The path you take is fading
In front of me

It's not what it should be
Blurred edges all around me
I'm living in my darkside
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Visions Of Atlantis: My Darkside Home

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Visions Of Atlantis: My Darkside Home
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Visions Of Atlantis: My Darkside Home

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