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Vixen: Only A Heartbeat Away

The scene is set, we play the parts
Boy meets girl, better shelter our hearts
We trace the steps
that a thousand lovers have danced before
Without a sound, we're face to face
And every breath is suspended in space
Every moment we're together
Just leaves us wanting more
Holding back tonight, afraid of tomorrow
We both know someting's got to give
Gotta make it soul to soul
So, come a little closer

We're only a heartbeat away
From lying it all on the line
We're only a heart beat away
It's just a matter of time
So tell me that you need me
And I'll come running baby can't you see
We're only a heartbeat away

It's in the air, it's in our eyes
Burning through every cool disguise
And pretending that we don't care
Pushes us closer to each other's fire
It's too late to break
The spell that encircles us
The chains of destiny are strong
Stronger than both of us
Come on let's surrender


WE've been to scared of taking a fall
WE're just a heartbeat away from giving our all
It's only love, only love

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Vixen: Only A Heartbeat Away

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Vixen: Only A Heartbeat Away
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Vixen: Only A Heartbeat Away

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