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John Fogerty: Walking In A Hurricane

Shadows fallin' in my room
Ghost riders dancin' on the moon
Night is closin' in again

Clutchin' to my tremblin' bed
Call your name 'til I'm out of my head
Walkin' the backstreets
Lookin' for clues
I got to get you back
If it's the last thing I do

I'll go walkin' in a hurricane
I'll come crawlin' in a drivin' rain
I'll keep searchin' 'til I go insane
I got to have your love

Lookin' out across the lights
I know you're out there
Runnin' with the night
'Round and 'round
A moth to the flame
And when I finally got you home
It's just a matter of time 'til you're gone
Heartache and shadow draggin' you down
This chain around your heart
Gonna put you in the ground

I'll go walkin' in a hurricane
I'll come crawlin' in a drivin' rain
I'll keep searchin' 'til I go insane
I got to have your love

Everytime you go away
I got the same old wild goose chase
Hangin' on to misery
I should-a quit you long ago
Just packed it up and hit the road
I'm just a junkie
Addicted to the flame
I'm hooked on the danger
I can't quit this game

I'll go walkin' in a hurricane
I'll come crawlin' in a drivin' rain
I'll keep searchin' 'til I go insane
I got to have your love
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John Fogerty: Walking In A Hurricane

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John Fogerty: Walking In A Hurricane
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John Fogerty: Walking In A Hurricane

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  • john fogerty walking in a hurricane

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