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A Tribe Called Quest: Once again

Intro: You on point Phife? 1nce Again Tip You on point Phife? 1nce Again Tip You on point Phife? 1nce Again Tip Word Watch me bust they shit OK Chorus: [Tammy Lucas] Ohhhh, you did it to me 1nce Again my friend I swear you do it to me everytime Cause you stay crazy on my mind Yo you got it goin on (say word), on and on and on On and on and on Verse One: Phife Dawg, Q-Tip This is the year that I come in and just devestate My style is great ask your peoples can I dominate? My rhymes are harder than last night's erection Don't play me close, I'll have this mic up in your rear section My shit is lovely simply meaning that my joint is tight Amping up the mic making sure production's tight Sometimes I might catch a severe case of writer's block But by the end of the day you'll be on my jock My name's Malik my hobby's putting MC's to the test And if you front I'll put my foot up in your friggin chest Freestyle fanatic, and never will it ever stop You crew is loose, you might just want to call the cops Aiyyo I gotta put some action on paper Make sure my verse jump up and spread out like the raper The only tip I got for a waiter Is watch the doorknob hit me where the dirty dog shoulda bit me That was my train of thought, but for so long I fought Now I'm at a level supreme to the devil So turn up the bass and lay low on the treble We be the real MC's and you dead, bring a shovel Revitalize, the vital Tribe nigga, WHAT? The ladies sweat the style like the squirrel sweat the nuts You know a fellas good for the moola Don't smoke no woolas, read the name call me Slick Tip the Ruler Chorus Verse Two: Q-Tip, Phife Yo I've been treading on this globe man for twenty-five joints Sometimes Shaitan got me by the pressure points But I can break a fella down like sex You eat Wheat Chex but still light in the ass and can't flex If one nigga front I'ma make more pay Cause toniiiiight, we gettin off like O.J. And yo I got a Dawg that bites, fuck the barking Yo I got a crew with the beats and the smarts and I fought my shit up on Linden in the one-nine-two Forever writing never biting ain't shit else to do Hoping to battle, but most MC's ain't ready yet But if they huddle, and word, then this is good as set You have MC's dropping bombs that's incredible Some of the brothers, their styles are just despicable As for me see I just do how I love to do Try to deny me of my props then I'll be seeing you Most of you suckers wanna be down for the tag along The friggin fame, someone tell em that this shit ain't games You gots to do this from your heart meaning your inner soul And if it's real only then will you be on a roll I try to stay on top my game there ain't no time to lose Four albums deep as a Quester but still we payin dues So hear me out one time, you gots ta be yourself Cuz if you ain't yourself you end up by your friggin self I'm coming rugged with the Linden Boule type of slang And yo we'll see who can hang yo You on point Tip? Yo 1nce Again Phife You on point Tip? Yo 1nce Again Phife You on point Tip? Yo 1nce again Phife Aiyyo that kid is hard! Chorus
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A Tribe Called Quest: Once again

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A Tribe Called Quest: Once again
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A Tribe Called Quest: Once again

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