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Adam Green: When A Pretty Face

Robin Hood is breaking up his merry men
Stockli is changing up the story end
Jumping over tables to get close to her
That's not the sign of a philosopher
Falling into bed above the camera stand
Waking up embarrassed with a giant friend
Calling all the seasons of the status quo
Never known a pleasure as the pressure grows, oh
Two were seen walking on Saint Marks place
They both got breakfast and they both got eggs
Then there was the crash of the Fourth of July
Meant a lot to her and so he didn't even mind, but
When the pretty face could not have its way
The face disappeared in complete disarray
So take me for a walk in the city tonight
I've been an angel but I need to fight or it's over
You live in the basement of a three story house
Never knew the neighbors till they found this mouse
Girlfriend never looks an ex in his eyes
Lady bird falls for a secular guy, I
remember all the days before he cast his net
He's hungry as he's never seen the doctor yet
And every good protection that he's ever known
Has never been a pleasure as the pressure grows, at
Christmas they were dining from the garbage chute
Before then he models her his bathing suit
She sets him on another shopping spree
He tags along not so thankfully, just
Skipping on the sidewalk coming home from lunch
Like a movie star father never gave him much
His place is in the seat of a strangers car
Place is in the head of a battlestar
But when the pretty face can not have it's way
Face disappears in complete disarray
Oh, private I's and the truth they uncover
Oh, jealous lies make for one jealous lover
When the pretty face can not have its way...
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Adam Green: When A Pretty Face

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Adam Green: When A Pretty Face
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Adam Green: When A Pretty Face

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