Aitch: 101Barz Freestyle

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Aitch: 101Barz Freestyle

It's like they think I got a chip on my shoulder
I just can't believe you half believe what Twitter has told you
Bare Minajs, know the Cardi Bs and Insta control ya
Post a pic and say it's lit, oh how you live for exposure
I was younger, all I wanted was a crib and a whip
Now I'm looking at bringing home a brick with my chick
Fresh suit in the bitch, looking slicker than Rick
Some young bosses at the table when I sit with my clique, yeah
I set the scene, my record's clean, I'm in the Premier League
Forget that she didn't let me speak, now wanna get a piece
Just let me breathe, give me some peace, I need to bless the beat
I've preparing for weeks, I barely get to sleep
But when I step into the beats, you best be steppin' neat
Too much tekkers every week, I just refresh the heat
Jealousy, a sense of enviousness when we meet
But that's alright, it's hurting you, it ain't affecting me

Never been a snake
Do it with my eyes closed, I never been awake
Feeling like a zombie, smoking Lemon to the face
Broski belling me, telling me, "They're not ready for you, Aitch"
Never been a prick, I always say it how it is
I'd rather buy myself a crib than go buy myself a brick
Got some donnies that'll ride and always sliding in the whip
And some donnies that just chill and drink ciders in the clique
Straight out of Manny, I'm in Moston or the Heath
I be fucking up the music, broski got me in the streets
Got this pretty one tellin' me I'm cocky when I speak
Like she doesn't know she's gonna get the cocky when we meet
Stop it, gossiping, no one's bothered you bothering
Honestly brother, nothing you're tellin' me sounding promising
Studio, the bando, I'm whipping and unlocking it
Cooking up a banger, releasing it and they copping it

Ooh, yeah, she back it up nice
Don't pretend you're prestige, you've been active all night
Vodka and ice, get the balance all right
Girl, you had a full bottle and still acting all shy
Listen, chick, you got it twisted, I'm a gent
Pull up with some gifts like it's Christmas again
Always call me reckless, say I'm sick in the head
But I swear they're ain't any other chick in my bed
So stop the accusation, baby, I ain't tryna do you wrong
I just wanna fuck you with the music on
Yeah, I could treat you to some Louboutins
But you know you're really lucky if I use my tongue
Just give me the time and the place
I know you ain't shy, why you hiding your face?
Whisper in your ear, yeah, you like what I say
Slide in and slide out, I ain't sliding away, but I'm

Sick of people saying they're the GOAT
Say they waviest on road, but you ain't sailing on my boat
This ain't who can get it faster, this is who can make the most
So I ain't giving you a penny, I suggest you take a note
You ain't got it how I get it, but I bet you wouldn't know
Concentrating on your bitch, go put your focus on your dough
Used to question if I'll bust, now man are using me to blow
How I done it, that's for you to find out and me to know
Check it, big drip, you look like every other fucker
Just look at how a Balenciaga runner done ya
Cheap is the only title I can put you under
Listen, I don't give a fuck, you better run for cover
Think I care about your bullets or your younger brother?
Some self-snitches, mate, your bitches must be undercover
You ain't bad, that's case closed, I gotta pull the shutter
I ain't bad, I won't stab ya, but I'll uppercut ya

Autor tekstu: Aitch
Data dodania: 2023-10-31
Tekst dodał: AndyG
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Aitch: 101Barz Freestyle

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Aitch: 101Barz Freestyle

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Aitch: 101Barz Freestyle

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