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Atmosphere: C'mon

When he was a kid, he was the joker
Low potential, straight mediocre
Class clown, sneak off out the back door
Long hair, leave a grease spot on the black board
C'mon honey, take off the bra
He's tryna hit a home run in your mom's garage
He loved graffiti, it opened him
Creeped down an alley with a can of Rust-Oleum
Canvas, that flat surface
He learned quick to control the nervousness
If it ain't building, he burnt the bridge
And no, he don't give a damn what the curfew is
Chased away all the saving grace
While them old folks bitch about the way he's raised
Southside Minne-Atmosphere
Get you running from the cops just for practice here
Well what do you know? He got older
Trying to apply what childhood showed him
Everybody left out in that cold
And try to learn how to manage all the weight on his shoulders
We all want the easy life
Just a piece of the pie that'll keep us high
So turn it up till the speakers cry
And don't quit till you reach the sky, c'mon

And as an adult, he took a good look
Stayed away from the gangs and the crooks
Even though he came from the same neighborhood
So he fully understood that game textbook
Stay original, be individual
Push the pedal and never settle for the typical
Feed your children, look out for your people
Live and let live, and each one teach those
Good luck and get a tight defence
And I hope you can depend on your higher sense
Plant them seeds, let 'em grow for it
The follower's felons are fallen soldiers
Hey rapper, we know it don't stop
But don't forget about the folks on your block
Hey dope man, what you doing with the cash crop?
Getting fat, fucking up fellow have-nots?
Hey preacher, politician
Is that the house that you live in? How's the kitchen?
Hey policeman, don't bother
Even as a kid I only played robbers and robbers
Headphone activists, aggressive pacifists
I ain't saying that you gotta kill cops
Just look at your life, check what it's built off, c'mon
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Atmosphere: C'mon

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Atmosphere: C'mon
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Atmosphere: C'mon

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