Bum Ruckus: The Thing That Couldn't Be Done

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Bum Ruckus: The Thing That Couldn't Be Done

So here I am with the same problem again
To write a song this ones so long there goes my whole weekend
But then again paper and pen can sometimes be my only friend
I only wish that me and this shit had more time to spend
But in the end I gotta say who thought life could be that way
Your future looking bright until it turns out dull and grey
But in a way most people expected it that way
From what i hear that shit was clear before my first birthday
What can I say, But I will admit
I quickly got real tired of always listening to that shit
So I quit and I gotta say
Life is easy lemon squeezy livin' it that way
And to this day the only way that I can enjoy life at all
Is not to make a mountain out of molehills quite that small
And its alright they're not that bright just look at their lives after all
At least talking to me isn't like talking to a wall

Yo Don't you think your getting old
Can't help wondering why the way
I always thought you would break the mold
I guess that its a little late
Don't you wanna get a job
Your going nowhere with that band
Do you like living like a slob

Everyone else said it just couldn't be done
As he sat down and calmly replied
Maybe it couldn't but he surely wouldn't be one
Who would say so until he had tried
So he dug his heels in with the trace of a grin
On his face if he worried he hid it
I remember hearing him sing
As he did the thing that couldn't be done
And he did it

But its alright not everyone can see
Life is not worth living if your not chasing your dreams
See what I mean is that sometimes you gotta take a little risk
You lived your whole life perfect and now your ending up with dick
Is this a trick, man it makes me sick
Sure this isn't something you like hearing from a spic
And I predict that all one day you'll see the error of your way
Just don't wait till it's to late to try to make a change

So I guess your wondering just what this songs about
Just think your self doubt is something you can do without
Don't go that route or just miss out because you need a little help
In the end the only one to count on is yourself so fuck the wealth
Just what will money do
Theres not one thing thats beautiful from every point of view
And I'd assume that this is true no matter what you tried to do
I'd rather reign in hell then serve in heaven how about you
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Bum Ruckus: The Thing That Couldn't Be Done

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Bum Ruckus: The Thing That Couldn't Be Done

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Bum Ruckus: The Thing That Couldn't Be Done

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