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Celine Dion: Too Young At Seventeen

Celine Dion
C'est Pour Vivre
Too Young At Seventeen
Quoi, dj?,on tait si bien
Je ne comprends rien
?ton coeur
Quoi, dj?,plus rien ?se dire
Tu n'as pas pu mentir ?mon coeur
Toi surtout que je voyais
Comme on voit le soleil
Toi partout o?je passais
Mes heures les plus belles
Trop nave,
,ce qui m'arrive
,on dirait que je suis,

What?, already?,we were so well
I don't understand a thing
To your heart
What?, already?,nothing else to say to each other
You cannot have lied to my heart
You especially that i was seeing
Like we see the sun
You everywhere where i was spending
My most beautiful hours
Too naive,
,what happens to me
,we could say i am,
Trop jeune ?dix-sept ans
Trop tendre aussi
Trop jeune ?dix-sept ans

Too young at seventeen
Too tender also
Too young at seventeen
J'ai jou??ne plus tre enfant
Mais toi tu ne jouais pas
C'est moi qui voyais trop grand
Et je paie aujourd'hui
D'avoir rv?ma vie

I played to no longer be a child
But you were not playing
It's me who saw too big
And i pay today
For having dreamt my life
Trop jeune ?dix-sept ans
Trop tendre aussi
Si vieille ?dix-sept ans
Si triste,ce soir
Trop jeune

Too young at seventeen
Too tender also
So old at seventeen
So sad,tonight
Too young
Vivre comme avant,t'oublier,
Me passer de toi,
M'endormir,me rveiller
Et ne plus penser ?toi
Ou faire semblant de sourire
Je ne saurais pas

Living like before,.forgetting you
To do without you,.
Falling asleep,waking up
And no longer think about you
Or doing like i'm smiling
I wouldn't know
Trop jeune ?dix-sept ans
Trop tendre aussi
Trop jeune ?dix-sept ans
Triste,si triste,
Triste,si triste,
Ce soir

Too young at seventeen
Too tender also
Too young at seventeen
Sad,so sad,
Sad,so sad,
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Celine Dion: Too Young At Seventeen

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Celine Dion: Too Young At Seventeen
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Celine Dion: Too Young At Seventeen

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