Chief Keef: Chiefin Keef

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Chief Keef

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Chief Keef: Chiefin Keef

Pull up in a foreign (Skrr Skrrr Skuurrrttt) She thought she seen a beast
A nigga think I'm going (Heh Heeh Heeeh) I got my thing with me
Glo Gang known for blowin' (Heeh Heeeh) always got a thing or piece
Saying that you blowing (Huuh Huh) but you never seen a piece
I'm high of this earth boy, I'm higher than Jesus be
Coming on my turf boy, you gonna need a Jesus piece
Them bullets fly no Nerf boy, Change yo ass like the seasons be
Nigga say he lookin' for me, I'm with my nigga chiefin keef.

I'm high of this earth boy, I'm where Jesus be
Shoot a nigga ass, if he don't believe in me
My truck super fast, don't think you leavin' me
Tray Savage got the mac, he make it scream for me
He shot the crowd up, he thought he seen a G
Boy roll your loud up, cause you can't cheef with me
I got my 9 tucked, I let it meet a nigga
I'm a Glo O Block ass nigga, I put heat to a nigga
Spent one song on a foreign, ain't got no features with it
Come right now I got so much money, I could fuck my teacher and 'em
Spent one song on a foreign, ain't got no features with it
Come right now I got so much money, I could fuck my teacher and 'em

I be with some killers and them niggas smoke the loudest weed
They got alotta guns, they'll blow you down for me
They rob yo ass, they find you got some pounds of weed
Shoot a nigga up, he can't get down with me
Like hold up, hold up Rocket launcher on his shoulder
You get hit with that it's over
Glory boy shit I told you
Get money boy, where yo hoes at

Tray savage got the mac he blows that

Hollows hit his body, body drop
I got a fuckin Glock, with a mark
If Sosa say smoke his ass, then he gon' get popped
We got 100 chops with Glocks with red dots
Autor tekstu: Chief Keef
Data dodania: 2022-12-30
Tekst dodał: polandinio

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Chief Keef: Chiefin Keef

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Chief Keef: Chiefin Keef

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Chief Keef: Chiefin Keef

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