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Eminem: Lunch Truck Freestyle (Soundtrack 8 Mile)

Okay folks, enough with the gay jokes,
Especially from a gay broke bitch yourself, eh loc,
His styles do do he worked here longer than me,
And I get paid more than you do,
Dawg take a seat, what's this guy standing in line for,
He ain't got money to eat, check this out yo yo,
This guy cashed his whole check, and bought one hoho,
Fucking homo, little maggot, you can hack it,
Paul's gay, you're a faggot,
At least he admits it, don't even risk it,
This guy starving to death, someone get him a biscuit,
I don't know what they told you "Mike"
You must have them cornrows rolled to tight
This job, you wanna quit but you can't
You've worked at this plant so long, you're a plant,
Look at your god damn boots!
For Christ sakes they're starting to grow roots!
In this mic you get faded,
you look like a pissed off rapper who never made it,
and why you fucking with the gay guy gee,
When really your the one who's got the HIV,
Man I'm done with this clown, hes soft, fuck it,
I'll let homegirl finish you off,
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Eminem: Lunch Truck Freestyle (Soundtrack 8 Mile)

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Eminem: Lunch Truck Freestyle (Soundtrack 8 Mile)
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Eminem: Lunch Truck Freestyle (Soundtrack 8 Mile)

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