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Eminem: Untouchable

hands up, officer don’t shoot
then pull your pants up
promise you won’t loot
we may never understand each other it’s no use
we ain;t ever gonna grasp what each other goes through

black boy /2x
we ain't gonna lie to you
black boy /2x
we don’t like the sight of you
pull up on the side of you
window rolled down, profiled
and then we wonder why we see this side of you
probably coming from the dope house
we can let you slide but your tail light is blew out
we know you’re hiding that Heidi Klum on you
and you’re on another drug charge, homie
it’s back inside on you
and just in case a chase might ensue
we got that tried and true pistols drew at you we be delighted to unload it
in your bedroom
walk up and lay that taser in the side of you
what the fuck am I gonna do?
I keep telling myself keep doing like you’re doing
no matter how many lies you ruin
it’s for the red, white and blue
time to go find a new one and split his head right in two
no one’s ever indicate you

cause you’re a
white boy /2x
you’re a rocksar
my momma talk to me
try to tell me how to live
white boy /2x
in your cop car
but I don’t listen to her
cause my head is like a sieve
white boy /2x
you’re untouchable
nobody can tell me shit cause I’m a big rockstar

black boy /2x
we don’t get your culture end
we don’t care what our government’s done to fuck you over
on;t tell us your attitude’s a results of that
balderdash, where’s you get the chip on your shoulder at
why you kicking that soda can>
pull your pants up
we bought to roll uo
and throw your ass in the van, cuffed
you don’t have to know our plan
or what our intention are
our guns are clius to our chest
you better show your hands
and put our minds more at ease
and you’ll get shot in th thyroid
cause you might die, boy
we fighting a crime war
here come the swine
tryna clean up this streets fro, al these minorities
that’s why we call them pigstye’s for
they’re eyesores to police
talk to you like you’re piece of trash
feels like we’re stuck in a timw warp to me
as I kick these facts, and get these mixed reactions
as this beat backspins
it like we’re drifting back into the 60s
having black-skin is risky
cause this keeps happening
throughout histry
African-American;s have been treated like shit
and I admit
there have been times were it’s been embarrassing to be a

cause you’re a
white boy /2x
you’re a rocksar
my momma talk to me
try to tell me how to live
white boy /2x
in your cop car
but I don’t listen to her
cause my head is like a sieve
white boy /2x
you’re untouchable
nobody can tell me shit cause I’m a big rockstar
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Eminem: Untouchable

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Eminem: Untouchable
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Eminem: Untouchable

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