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Eric B. & Rakim: In The Ghetto

Planet Earth was my place of birth
Born to be the SOLE controller of the universe
Besides the part of the map I hit first
Any a rhyme that I can adapt when it gets worst
The rough gets going, the going gets rough
When I start flowing, the mic might bust
The next state, I shake from the power I generate
People in Cali used to think it was earthquakes
'Cause times was hard on the Boulevard
So I vote God and never get scarred and gauled
But it seems like I'm locked in hell
Looking over the edge but the R never fell
A trip to slip 'cause my Nikes got grip
Stand on my own two feet and come equip
Any stage I'm seen on, I'M LIKE A PHENOM
I stand alone and need nothing to lean on
Going for self wit a long way to go
So much to say but I still flow slow
I come correct and I won't look back
'Cause it ain't where you're from, it's where
you're at
Even the (ghetto)

I learn to relax in my room and escape from New York
And return through the womb of the world as a
Thinking how hard it was to be born
BEING EQUIPPED wit no physical form
Millions OF CELLS wit one destination
To reach the best part, it's life creation
9 months later, a job well done
Make way, 'cause here I come
Since I made it this far, I can't stop now
There's a will and a way and I got THE know-how
To be all I can be and more
And see all there is to see before
I'M Called and go back to the essence
It's alot to learn so I study my lessons
I thought the ghetto was the worst that could
happen to me
I'm glad I listen when my father was rapping to me
'Cause back in the days, they lived in caves
ExileD from the original man, a straight way
Now that's what I call hard times
I rather be here to exercise the mind
Then I take a thought around the world twice
From knowledge NEWBORN back to knowledge precise
Across the desert, that's HOT AS THE ARABIAN
But they couldn't cave me in 'cause I'm the Asian
REaching for the city OF Mecca, visit Medina
Visions of Neffertiti then I seen a
Mind keeps traveling, I'll be back after I
Stop and think about the brothers and sisters in
Return the thought through the eye of a needle
For miles I thought and I just fought the people
Under the dark skies on a dark side
Not only there but right here's an apartheid
So now is the time for us to react
Take a trip through the mind and when you get back
Understand you're third eye seen all of that
It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at
Even the (ghetto)
Even the (ghetto)

No more props, I want property
In every borough, nobody's stopping me
Because I'm thorough, rhymes are making real estate
for me to own
Wherever I bless a microphone
007 is back and relaxing
On POINT N' reactin' and ready for action
I'm so low key that you might not see me
Incognito and taking it easy
Quiet, it's kept on a hush hush
In front of a crowd, I get loud, there's a bumrush
Be calm, keep a low pro, and play the background
HOPIN' the wack rapper'LL put the mic back down
So rip it, break it in half, go head and slam it
'Cause when it's time to build, I'm a mechanic
I'm bonding and mending, attaching and blending
So many solos, there is no ending
People in my neighborhood, they know I'm good
From London to Hollywood, wherever I stood
Footprints remain on stage ever since
As I walk the street, I leave fossils and dents
When I had sex, I left my name on necks
My trademark was left throughout the projects
I used to get rich when I played celo
When I rolled 4, 5, 6, they go we know
So I collect my cash then slide
I got my back, my gun's on my side
It shouldn't have to be like that
I guess it ain't where you're from, it's where
you're at
Even the (ghetto)
I'm from the (ghetto)
Word up, peace
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Eric B. & Rakim: In The Ghetto

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Eric B. & Rakim: In The Ghetto
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Eric B. & Rakim: In The Ghetto

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