Falling In Reverse: Watch The World Burn

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Falling In Reverse

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Falling In Reverse: Watch The World Burn

I got voices in my head again, tread carefully
And I don’t medicate it helps me temporarily
I got problems I got issues yea apparently
Trauma that I’m Burying
I think I need some therapy
I battle depression
I’m back with a message
I’m asking the question
That if you hate me
Why you actin obsessive?
I’m past the point of no return
Fuck bein passive aggressive
I’ll brandish a weapon
And teach all you motherfuckers a lesson
I actually battle my demons and shadows
They swim in the deep and creep in the shallows
I’m lost,
I gotta admit that I’m livin the life that I’ve Always wanted but it comes at a cost
They’re lickin their chops
Their fixin to rip me a part
I’m swimming with sharks
I’m liftin the bar
I’m liftin it into the stars
I’m like a shot of adrenaline
Mixed with some riddlin
You started a battle but bitch ima finish it
you think you can stop me not even a lil bit
Nowadays everybody’s so sensitive
Taking my words and you pick it a part
trippin on nothin just get in the car
Grippin n rippin im stickin the mark
I’m tippin the charts

I got enemies trying to get rid of me
Evil tendencies are fucking with me mentally
I got people that don’t like me in the industry I can feel your energy you are not a friend to me
I have been to places that you never wanna go
I got dirt on people but they act like I don’t know
I could do some damage but I’ll never rock the boat all it takes is one post watch em fall like dominoes

You’ll never get rid of me
Too many mini me’s rippin my imagery
You know my history
It ain’t a mystery
I Put every enemy outta they misery
Somebody send me some positive energy
about to go darth about to go Disney
Into the darkness into infinity
And shut you motherfuckers up
You listening?
Stackin every little pretty penny that I’m getting
And I’m never givin In
to anybody always winning
Never kidding when I die
I’m takin everybody with me cause
You’re never gonna get me
Cause you’ll never see it simply
I’m a motherfucking god
You’re a light yawn
I’m a time bomb
And the vibes wrong
Is this mic on?
I’m killin the syllables
With a loaded refillable
I’m a lyrical typical supervillain
I’m venomous
And I’m never gonna stop until
They put me on top of the list

I can’t control the monster any longer
That’s inside

The Pain and sorrow
left us hollow
No tomorrows
Hard to swallow
Death is calling
So appalling
tightrope walking
Now I’m falling down
Like missiles falling from the sky
Come and save us
The pain And sorrow
Left us hollow
Here today but gone tomorrow

The pain inside is the fuel that drives
This flesh and bone through
Blood red skies (hahaha)
The death defying
One day you’re gonna figure out
That everything they taught you was a LIE
Watch the world burn

The fear is what keeps you alive
Break the fucking chains take back you’re life
The fear is what keeps you insane
Break the fucking chains
take away the pain
Autor tekstu: Falling In Reverse
Data dodania: 2023-02-01
Tekst dodał: rocky7

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Falling In Reverse: Watch The World Burn

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Falling In Reverse: Watch The World Burn

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Falling In Reverse: Watch The World Burn

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