Frankie Castle: Origin

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Frankie Castle

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Frankie Castle: Origin

One year shy of an Orwell prediction
Another big brother was born with an addiction
To cartoons and Nintendo, backtalk crescendos,
Dope heroic comicbook gods ready to defend those
In need, opposing greed, composing scenes
Most of which incorporate intense good deeds
Star Wars, Star Trek, Peter Parker, Clark Kent
Just a few cards short of a starter deck
Outcast, Tetris Attack defined slacker
Steadfast soldier with culture to pine after
Another chapter his notebook spiral-bound
Coverted word .doc File Found
For later on, when he sits for hours to write a song
Excited to incite pros to string along
Delighted to write despite the forum to recite
Like learning to ride with training wheels on a bike
Then one day found mic embedded in his iMac
Fate rolled the dice like Gary Gygax
So he pushed record, the force shook the motherboard
Following the babbling the Rook was born
Boom, bang, done made music for wordy blaring
Dirty Harry school-fed audiophiles for fun
Now I own a gun outfited with Bang flag
Tang bag sipper while I'm trippin' over slang tag

(Here I come to save the day)
Krypton spawn crash-landed on Earth
With powers from sun just to rock concerts
(Here I come to save the day)
Radiated spider took a bitting to my hand
Now my spider sense is tingling while fighting the man

Dissconect the radio aleviate the pain
Project the grief in stereo I must save the brain
Called too the frey by the cops to save the day
Off like a rocket, catch the crook, then fade away
Rook hates cops, but hates criminals more
And it's a crime to steal time and leave crowds board
It's a red alert to the fake fare, spiked haired
Deligates who can't enjoy Shakespeare
It's a game here and I'm in stealth mode
To take down Crombies and violate the health code
Patroling streets of Dystopic Suburbia
Cajoling freaks to hand mics to flowing geeks
Gripped tight like wii-mote flowing like a speedboat
Despensing information like I'm Deep Throat
Fiendishly serene when the next jock crys
With more achievements then Xbox Live
Time flies when dismantaling a bomb
Look Mom Rook's calm while he's gambling with nine lives
Unwise despite the witty comeback
While some wack targets no bigger than a womprat

(Here I come to save the day)
Fell into a vat of experimental chemicals
Emerged with words and a lyrical mandible
(Here I come to save the day)
An anomolly in space was transmitting lame songs
Checked it, came back with the power to flame on
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Frankie Castle: Origin

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Frankie Castle: Origin

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Frankie Castle: Origin

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