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Killarmy: Last Poet

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Killarmy: Last Poet

Intro: P.R. Terrorist

Just enter the 3rd world
Clear Lines of communication
Understanding, all things must be seen clearly
for what they are not what they appear to be
360 degrees, understanding, equality, cipher
Killarmy goin take you on this flight, buckle up

(P.R. Terrorist)
The Last Poet construct the rhyme
At a self-destruct in your tape deck
In your walkman or in your truck
Benzy box, boom box, comstock upon my block
Choppers hovering, bright lights got me on the spot
Heavy heat,sucked in my boxes, rubbing on my meat
Vigilante rap, take negociations to the street
Money, mountain gear boots, laces hanging from my feet
War is never pretty, get your face scrapped on concrete
Its like the worlds against me, opposing forces
Use my urban resources, refuse to get hung
Off crosses, take no losses, the god wears gems that flosses
Next LP my teams face all up in the sources

Like or not, we live in time of danger and uncertainty.
That is the way, he lived. That is what he leaves us.

Aiyyo, my thoughts flashback to when I was trapped in Mecca
In the middle of our warzone, squeezing off shots
To twist niggaz physical like cyclones
But now I'm in the worst part, with the art
That watch the ghettos, that watch your five buroughs
Because, you and your ten cats sat back
Philasticly, and analyzed it, my shit to be thorough
Like one swing of Tiger Woods, golf club
That won the masters, by a landslide
So pass that grass green cashman jacket
This way, so I can swerve that a-way
On my way to the homes of the grains of Shaolin
With King I Divine, never smile when you enter
The sector of the Killa Hill 10304
Just be prepared for war and blood shed
Because there's no exit and no such thing as three men
You only got one man in this game that we play for keeps
And there's definately no arcade, bullets are sprayed
Through the streets you gotta enter its pitch black
Like the hallways in Alcatraz, so run fast when you hear the chamber
of my baby girl Nina, a verse, thats one in the hurse

We today have concluded in agreement to end the war
and bring peace with honor in Vietnam

(9th Prince)
Yo, Yo, my lyrics strike like uranium bombs
I speak with authority but calm
Bent back nigga like the hunch back from Notre Dame
24 track flashbacks, watch the mind travel like time tracks
I live in the hidden fortress protected by nuclear forces
I fly heads like a sorceress, rhyme trocherist
Fight with fatal blows like the white Lotice
Though this four time expansion at the Wu-Mansion
Wu-Tang changes mean oxygen, blizzent like lint
A lenchmen killed off hitler's henchmen
Scriptures of holy war, my dialog marvels are unstoppable
Killarm, camouflage topicals are marvable
The lost lord of pitfighters, sharkbiters
Left back in the pitch room with dark fighters
I slaughter like Saddam Hussein, giving killing orders

5 months ago Saddam Hussein started this cruel war against Kuwait,
tonight the battle has been joined.
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Killarmy: Last Poet

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Killarmy: Last Poet


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