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Kool Keith: Drugs

(Back in the 70's, it was all about drugs..)

Tie my arm up at night between shows
Takin soda tops off of soda pops
I used to be up all night in the living room
smokin a lot of weed with the Four Tops
Makin collect calls back home to my pops
My little brother said, "Keith - you need to stop!"
I knew something was wrong
when I gave away my VHS and sold a pair of my socks
The IRS callin me, gettin on my nerve, I was warned by Redd Foxx
My girl, "Keith you seen my diamond rings in the jewelry box?"
I don't know; last night you and Chaka Khan was in here sniffin blow
I was in the room sweatin thinkin about the rent playin bingo
The landlord said the first of the month, we gotta go
Packed up my bag and met Darryl Strawberry in the mall
I told James Brown stop smokin angel dust and the pis-tal
He wanted to go up to the Olive Garden and start a resteraunt brawl
"Mary J. Blige, my son don't accept them type of phone calls"
I can't come out tonight, my Bic lighter don't light
I heard you and K-Ci in the background
I'm screamin did the cops come and break up the fight?

All the crack and the drugs, make me feel, the way I feel
All the crack and the drugs.. drugs..
All the crack and the drugs, make me feel, the way I feel
All the crack and the drugs..

Freebasin eighteen pounds of coke with Marvin Gaye
Put that on the table, let's parlay
with Smokey Robinson and Bootsy, lightin aluminum foil
Watch that crack pipe boil
With Richard Pryor we burned the house down gettin higher
Don't think I'm bluffin
Meet Tommy Lee Curtis, Keith Richards, Eddie Kingwards and David Ruffin
Rick James was in the kitchen lightin the flame
and Mousey's trapped with Cuba Gooding Sr.
I don't want nobody to know my name
I kept glasses on it was a damn shame
Losin weight, fallin out in big arenas
The same guy who used to deal to me
deals to Whitney and Bobby, meet Ike and Tina
Every Saturday mansions was packed, "Hey Jimmy you got the smack?"
Shut up! You don't know how to act

All the crack and the drugs, make me feel, the way I feel
All the crack and the drugs.. drugs..
All the crack and the drugs, make me feel, the way I feel
All the crack and the drugs..

Crystal methane.. and heroin and quaaludes..
A relapse, of your mind
Angel dust, ecstasy, sniffin coke baby..
got the best of me-heee-heeeee..
I got rits, withdrawals, my symptoms of pain
Rush me to the hosss-pi-tallll..
Oooh, ooh baby
Get this monkey off of MY MY MY BACK!
And get him off of me
Get the monkey off my BACK! Baby!
Get the monkey
And get the monkey off my back now..
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Kool Keith: Drugs

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Kool Keith: Drugs
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Kool Keith: Drugs

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