Lil' Flip: Sorry Lil' Mama

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Lil' Flip: Sorry Lil' Mama

(feat. Z-Ro)

Sorry Lil Mama I Gotta Go
Not Tryin To Hit And Run U
But I Got Another Show
So I Really Check Out Time Plus My Thang Leaves At 4
Give Me Them Digits So At Later Date I Could Fuck Witchu Some More
Mean While Rollin Up On Dat Chrome
So Lil Mama I Run Upto You So Take Me Home
Tryna Give Em Fast Cause All Of Them Want This Bone
So Don't Get Mad At Me If My Cellphone Is On Roam
I Just Trying To Get Some Bone!

Lil Flip!
Now If U Rollin Wit Me Come Now
Ima Gangsta! I Never Put My Gun Down
I Can't Drive Girl Cause Iam High
I See Your Belly Ring Plus U Gotta Butterfly!
28's When I Rollaaaaa!
10 Clip's Cot On My Gold Drive!
What's Name? Where U From Girl?
I Got A Presidential Suite , U Can Come Girl
I Got The Crisp By The Case Low
What Da Hell Your Baby Daddy In My Face For?
Now Iam Reaching For My Waist Hoe
We Got 68% Gold



The Whip Paid For
She Stairin At My Watch
I Am Like Wat U In My Face For
She Heard A Lot Gang
She Want A Lot Gangsta, Ride Wit A Gangsta
Ima Type Of Gangsta
It Ain't Bout Da Fame
She Just Diggin My Nature
It Ain't About Da Chain, She Stairin At All Da Paper
I Am Tellin Her Stop!
In Your Classy Ways
I Want My Child In Your Stomach
But Not Having My Baby
Any Way I Am A One Night Stand Man
After This Night Ima Dump U Like A Trash Can!
Like I Set You On Fire I Can Put U Out
Ill Be Your Gas Can, U Can Be My Burning Stuff!

[Chorus X2]


I Gotta Sprint, T-Mobilw And A Nextel Phone
And All Three Of Them Ringin From Bad Ass Bitches That Wanna Bone
Take One To Took House, Take One To The Telle, And Take One Home
Could'nt Corners Bairley Missing Curve
Trying Not To Break Her Bone

I As Sitting Across On 83's And Fresh Ass Meat
A Nigga Trying To Jack Me For Dat, So I Open Up His Chest Ass Weak
I Move As A Muthafucker, While At Night I Recieve Head
Might Fall Back For A Minute, But I Get Back Where I Recieve Bread
Chop Em Off Wit Something, And Take Em Straight To Bed Wit It
... Man I Don't Understand Z-Ro

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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Lil' Flip: Sorry Lil' Mama

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Lil' Flip: Sorry Lil' Mama

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Lil' Flip: Sorry Lil' Mama

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