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P. Diddy: Journey through the life

[Nas] Yo, Yo[Puffy] Gansta, Gansta[Nas] Gansta Yo[Puffy] That's Right[Nas] Journey Through the life of some real niggas[Puffy] Some real niggas, You'll never see what I've seen[Puffy]When I sleep I dream of bodies in streams of bloodNaked bitches, dead nigga's ghost, Feds with toast Knockin' my door down sweat poor down my body Roast from the heat so I soak my sheetsWake up shiverin', pull my hoe close to me, she sexyEvery night is different pussy since my girl left meAnd I tried to make her stay with me, but I stay busyAnd her friends are cut-throats, they deep throat to lay with meI reminisce how I miss a stare in this spaceResort to the lips of a stripper, sprayin' their faceLampin' in a mansion, home aloneI hear footsteps, shit I kicks just not lyricsI hold a fifth, wonderin' if ten shots can stop spiritsIf nigga's try to rob me then I won't hear itCause it's different from the streets, I'm missin' my hood nowMissin' all the blocks cuz I'm surrounded by woods nowIt's supposed to be good nowIt's like I'm walkin' tight rope and can't look downFire below meNow the fantasies I have for women are unholySuccess, thousand dollar bottles impressModels with fat ass and big breastsFloor seats, Knicks vs. Nets, private jetsMillionaire heir to Antigua, with Ananda, the MTV divaNas, how do we survive all this mess? (I didn't survive)East vs. West the rap game where words became fleshA whole pound of herb won't desolve my stressStill I ride to the death, love hip-hopCause Afrikabababa was def, a lot of respectFeel Me? Fuck to the rock Sean John juryI got the same hands of crap platinum and the crap pyramidsWrite about the black experience, sell it to MarimaxTell me if you feelin' that1 - [Lil' Kim & Joe Hooker]Take a journey through the life of these real niggasThe things that they seen it would thrill niggasIf you've seen what they've seen, you would wonderThrough the rain and the pain and the thunderBy the time that you realized that it's goin' downYou may find yourself going undergroundWhen they see that this life is upon usWe would see that there's no one that we can trust[Beanie Sigel]You can never see what I see, motherfuckerBeanie Sigel, the realest nigga from the streets was taughtStay cased up nigga, stay deep in courtReminiscin' on that cold cell, deep in thoughtGettin' skinny, couldn't eat, cause the meat was poorYa'll niggas couldn't live my life, I've been through itStreached up in hospital beds, fed fluidTwo bullets hit my leg, one passed through itSaw the blood and the hole in my calf, looked through itMy life's no joke, I don' played dice with soapUpstate the case niggas slice your throatWear your boxers in the shower when you gaurd your soapI done seen the biggest nigga's in the yard get brokeI done took blocks through war, took blocks for fallTook blocks to Wall for box of rawWhat you think 33 in the glock is for?Black fatigues, skullies and binoculars, C4, block your doors, nigga's can't stop this warI show you faggots what this Swatz' is forHidding spots in the door for the glocks is forRead the papers, '94 I took the cops to warHalf of ya'll niggas livin' a lieOnly reason you switchin' up your droid is cause you keep gettin' robbedI looked that nigga in the eyes before I send him to GodBeanie Sigel, desert eagle, the realest nigga aliveRepeat 1[Nas]Aiyo, Aiyo, Gansta, GanstaThe Bible has words that Christ wrote, evil men sacrifice goatsI speak all my life under oathSince a kid, troublesomeThrownin' shit at little girls jump ropesBustin' B-B Guns at stray cats, that was way back Watched it die, covered in fliesThen I picked up a stick, try to dig in it's eyesMakin' dirt pies, na, being buggy-eyed shitAnd every other nigga that rap, sound like my shitI wear chrome 45's with ice on the gripI don't shoot it, I roll with killers and criminalsWith heroin habits they picked up from the penileThey let you have it, all I do is give them a smileLifestlyes of the realest, you ain't ruthless you bitchI got a pine box just your size, I know it'll fitYour whole life's a mistake, stop holdin' the penKill yourself, come back as a man over againCause in this lifetime I'm reignin', slay menLeave your whole body coldYour nails grow long, you get gray skinMay this nigga rest in peace, AmenI run with brave men, straight out the housin', we wildin'Names engraved in the pavementBrick building, grown ladies jump off the roofNigga get paged, then murdered at the phoneboothNew York streets made me nigga, it's crazy niggaRepeat 1
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P. Diddy: Journey through the life

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P. Diddy: Journey through the life
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P. Diddy: Journey through the life

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