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P. Diddy: It's all about the Benjamins (remix)

Uhh, uh-huh, yeahUhh, uh-huh, yeahIt's all about the Benjamins babyUhh, uh-huh, yeahIt's all about the Benjamins babyGoodfellas, uhhVerse One: Puff DaddyNow... what y'all wanna do?Wanna be ballers? Shot-callers?Brawlers -- who be dippin in the Benz wit the spoilersOn the low from the Jake in the TaurusTryin to get my hands on some Grants like HoraceYeah livin the raw deal, three course mealsSpaghetti, fettucini, and vealBut still, everything's real in the fieldAnd what you can't have now, leave in your willBut don't knock me for tryin to buryseven zeros, over in Rio DijaneryAin't nobody's hero, but I wanna be heardon your Hot 9-7 everyday, that's my wordSwimmin in women wit they own condominiumsFive plus Fives, who drive MillineumsIt's all about the Benjamins, what?I get a fifty pound bag of ooh for the muttsFive carats on my hands wit the cutsAnd somethin' EuropeanChromed out wit' the clutch, What?Verse Two: Jadakiss (overlaps last two lines of Puff Daddy)I want all figgas fuck bein a broke niggaDrinkin malt liquor, drivin a Broke VigorI'm wit Mo' sippers, watched by gold diggers (uhh)Rockin Bejor denims, wit gold zippers (c'mon)Lost your touch we kept thous [as in thousands], poppin CristalsFreakin the three-quarter reptiles (ahahah)Enormous cream, forest green -- Benz jeepfor my team so while you sleep I'ma scheme (that's right)We see through, that's why nobody never gon' believe youYou should do what we do, stack chips like *Hebrews*Don't let the melody intrigue you (uh-uh)Cause I leave you, I'm only herefor that green paper with the eagleVerse Three: SheekI'm strictly tryin to cop those, colossal sized Picasso'sAnd have papi flip coke outside Delgado's (whoo!)Mienda, with cash flowin like SosaAnd the latin chick tranportin in the chochaStampedin over, pop Mo's, never soberLex and Range Rovers dealin weight by Minnesota (uhh)Avoidin NARC's wit camcorders and Chevy Novas (uh-huh)Stash in the buildin wit this chick named Alona (uh-huh)from Daytona, when I was young I wants to bone her (uh-huh)But now I only hit chicks that win beauty pageants (ahahaha)Trickin, they takin me skiing, at the Aspens (c'mon)Uhh, gangsta mental, stay poppin CristalPack a black pist-al in the Ac' Coupe that's dark brown (whoo!)Pinky-ringin, gondolas wit the man singinItalian music down the river wit your chick clinginto my bizzalls, player you mad falseActin hard when you as pussy as RuPaulInterlude: Puff DaddyC'mon, c'mon, uh-huhIt's all about the Benjamins babyUh-huh, yeah(repeat 4X)It's all about the Benjamins babyNow, what y'all wanna do?It's all about the Benjamins babyWanna be ballers, shot-callersIt's all about the Benjamins babyBrawlers -- who be dippin in the Benz wit the spoilersIt's all about the Benjamins babyOn the low from the Jake in the TaurusVerse Four: Lil' Kim (overlaps last two lines of interlude)Uhh, uhh, what the blood clot?Wanna bumble wit the Bee hahh?BZZZZT, throw a hex on a whole family (yeah, yeah yeah)Dressed in all black like the Omen (say what?)Have your friends singin 'This is for my homey' (that's right)And you know me, from makin niggaz so sickFloss in my 6 with the Lex on the wristIf it's Murder, you know She Wrote it (uh-huh)German Luger for your ass bitch, deep throat itKnow you wanna fill the room cause it's platinum coatedTake your pick, got a firearm you shoulda toted, suck a dickAll that bullshit you kick, playa hatin from the sidelineGet your own shit, why you ridin mine? (uh-huh)I'm, a Goodfella kinda ladyStash 380's in Mercedes, Puffy hold me down baby!Only female in my crew, and I kick shitlike a nigga do, pull the trigga too, fuck you(Big: Yeah, yeah, uhh, uhh, uhh!)Verse Five: Notorious B.I.G.I been had skills, Cristal spillsHide bills in Brazil, about a mil to ice grillMake it hard to figure me, liquor be, kickin mein my asshole, uhhh, undercover, Donny BrascoeLent my East coast girl, the Bentley to twirl (uh-huh)My West coast shorty, push the chrome 740Rockin Redman and Naughty, all in my kitty-katHalf a brick of yea, in the bra, where her titties atAnd I'm livin that, whole life, we push weight (uh-huh)Fuck the state pen, fuck hoes at Penn State (c'mon)Listen close it's Francis, the Praying MantisAttack with the Mac, my left hand spit, right handgrip on the whip, for the smooth getawayPlaya haters get away or my lead will spraySqueeze off til I'm empty, don't tempt meOnly, to Hell I send thee, all about the Benji'sWhat??Outro: Puff DaddyIt's all about the Benjamins babyUh-huh, yeah(repeat 8X)
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P. Diddy: It's all about the Benjamins (remix)

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P. Diddy: It's all about the Benjamins (remix)
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P. Diddy: It's all about the Benjamins (remix)

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