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P. Diddy: What you want

[Intro]Ladies and gentlemen We are gathered here todayTo joinI see it, yeahYeah, yeahI like this right hereYeah, yeahOne-Two, One-Two, in the place to beAs you can seeI am the crush groovin' There's a whole lot of stars be groovin' in here tonight The record breaking and the record makingYeah, yeah, turn this upFrom the states to over seasEvery city in between I hit the scene Catch fire like keroseneGeting paid for more then a decadeWe been blazing, y'all wasn't ready for the PD invasionCaught you off guard, got bitches, got carsHealin' war scars, puff smoke out of the jarCatch flights to and fro, nigga who you know?No one important, just another nigga flossingGotta seal, what I'm touching is realYou just a clone wit' a production dealI sailed the seven seas and kept my head above the waterSorry I left you, but now I am back for yaBut it's like we never bounced, platinum from word of mouthHottest niggas outAlot better, the shit's too strongI'm home now, daddy's been gone too long1 - [Lil' Kim]What you niggas wantWanna talk slick Wanna do shit, try shit, new shitWho you fucking wit'You and your weak cliqueBitch you creep wit' got you in some deep shitYou coppin' pleas now, it ain't a secretTrying to be niggas you can't even speak withYou can't run, you can't hideBad Boy 'till the day we dieTell they all like Jordan in the fallOn top of the hill like Lauren, Killing 'Em Soft'What you grillin' me for?Kept my name good, we from the same hoodMade some change, put the range wit' the stained woodNow chicks, they keep they eyes on meWanna grind on meHaters plotting so I keep my nine on meYou can't stop 'em when them shells is poppingLook good to the public eye, your streets is watchingAt all times, put it all on the line Without a care dreams of cream turn to nightmaresNo one to talk to, don't know who to trustGot your gun out and don't know who to bustIt get like that though, when you stack that doughCan't run from it yo, that's when they get closeSo put up you guards, keep faith in GodI promise y'all the world'll be oursRepeat 1Your games amaze, but alot of ways, many choicesCan't sleep, when I do I hear voicesSpeakin' loud and clear, wait 'till you come out this yearSo I listen back cause the street is missing thatWhat a world we live inSo cold I'm shivering, slippingGotta work with what I'm given, shitBitches is trifling, hands out grabbin'Niggas hating, scheming and back stabbin'That's why they hang around you, just to be seenType to leave a gun fight wit' a full magazineNo blood, not hit, chamber ain't warmWhat part of the game is this? And who's side you on?Can't be out for wealth and out for self, won't workFind yourself tucked and surrounded by dirtIn a verse I show the whole earth my work It got to get better because it can't get no worseRepeat 1Repeat 1
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P. Diddy: What you want

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P. Diddy: What you want
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P. Diddy: What you want

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