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Pretty Maids: A Love And A Fiction

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Pretty Maids

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Pretty Maids: A Love And A Fiction

Little miss lady luck
A diamond in the rough
She took a ride into the big bad city
Where she met this bro
Sweet talking Romeo
Who stole her dreams and promised her the moon

She had a heart as pure as gold
But love makes blind
And stirs the soul
He took her round downtown
Spellbound her to the sound of a young heart breaking
Now she wants to get away
But she cant let go
Cause every minutes like another day
And the pain still grows

Love divides you
Blinds your vision
And youre stuck in between
A love and a fiction
Its a game of give and take
Its a road that leads to heartache

She makes the perfect wife
Does her nine to five
Feeds the kids and sends them off to school
She turns another page
In her four wall cage
While shes feeling like shes some kind of fool
Shes getting tired of being pushed around
There must be more to life
Than what shed found
And as she walks out the door
She wishes that everything could be like before

Shes at the point of giving up
When the light turns red
She decided shed had enough
And calls it quits


Its a struggle babe
Yes it is
Where do you run to girl


And now nobodys gonna stop her
No ones gonna stand in her way
Nothing in this world
Nothings gonna make her stay

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Pretty Maids: A Love And A Fiction

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Pretty Maids: A Love And A Fiction


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Pretty Maids: A Love And A Fiction

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