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Raekwon: The Hood

(feat. Tiffany Villarreal)

[Chorus: Tiffany Villareal]
Some day, I know you'll be far away
I'll be right here to stay, give me one day
Baby, baby, don't, run away, come see me
Some day, I'll be right, here today, just give me love, Rae.

To my hood, I'm always there for you
Rain, hail, sleet, snow, and I'm there
For all the underprivileged, yo we here
My life is all in your soul, daily, since nana left us
She took all of your blessings, cuz she been there
My life change, yo, could never though be without you, yo
It's strange when I want it to rain
On my best friend's grooming, we all had visions of you
We broke nights, God, knowing you cared
Peace, nigga, only for a minute and I'mma break out
Come back and kiss you on your feet, here
I love my hood, I love my niggaz, there, yo
The older we get, we understand, you might tear

[Chorus w/ ad-libs]

You keep the little young ones, happy, true
Graduations occured, you look so pretty and new
Look at the sky, all blue, all old people with you
Facilities mailing, jail brothers miss you
Wow, it gets crazy when I think about the money you made me
Slipped me away, but Jakes tried to rade me
Nighshifts, smokin' on spliffs, you kept yellin'
"Carry your fifth, the down the block niggaz is gay"
They keep police invadin' your space, we can't live
Plus, they gassin' the mayor, them niggaz wanna give you away
We won't have that, suburban people mad at the fact
That you be gettin' more company then them, they just be scared of that
"Hood", look at your name, spell it backwards
Yo, "Dooh", that's what they yellin' in vain
You the realest, the most livest, flyest, you part of life
I gotta give you love, cuz you gave it God and life

[Chorus w/ ad-libs]

Who ever said you ain't do right by me, they frontin', yo
They couldn't understand that we was a team
I used to come out, hear you words, talk to me, walk with me, brother
Cool, try to be succesful and dream
The city lights is on, now, they wanna turn 'em off
Try'nna start some shit, actin' like you never made a penny for 'em
Dun, they doin' you dirty, we had Summer Youth for that, though
No need to cry, never get worried
You gon' live forever, word to mother
Cuz she raised you right, and you got fifty-one brothers
I sat with the trees and had conversations at bees
We talked about throwin' money up, landscapin' your knees
You forget that, something to talk about
Show me where to take the check, pay these suckas off and be out
The'll never be another place, everybody happy to see
That's why I keep coming back to you, peace

[Chorus 2X w/ ad-libs]
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Raekwon: The Hood

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Raekwon: The Hood
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Raekwon: The Hood

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