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Roger Waters: The Anderson Shelter

Woman: "It's funny to think there's no shelters this time. We had an
old Anderson in the garden. I can see it now. We had stertians
growing all over it, and we painted the front green. Painted it
looked quite pretty. Next door grew cabbages on theirs.

Man: "Yes, we had a Morrison. I used to sleep in it. Mmmm. I stuck
pin-up girls all over the inside. Betty Grabel, Ann Shelton, Patricia
Rock. The roof got all smoky, 'cause I used to read in bed with a

Woman: "Yes, it was nice at the war, really. The shelters, the
blackouts, cups of tea..."

Man: "The A.R.P., the evacuees, London kids seeing cows for the
first time...."

Woman: "Old Churchill on the wires..."

Man: "Those were the days."
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Roger Waters: The Anderson Shelter

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Roger Waters: The Anderson Shelter
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Roger Waters: The Anderson Shelter

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