Simplified: Weeds

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Simplified: Weeds

<!-- Running late I got no time

I haven't slept in a week

Got no kind loosing my mind

There's no end I can see

Gotta get this out of my system you see

Cause its getting harder to keep my sanity

Wont somebody help me?

Im deep in the weeds

Falling down, and im down on my knees

Day to day again and again

Seems it never ends

I rise I roll no heart no soul

Just the act of living

So many people

You know just what I mean

Got to find my own way

To quit this f*ing machine

Hard rain coming down

What a wonderful sounds

I love to hear it

Man I love my life

Sometimes I need a break

No more lonely days

No more lonely night

Im through with waiting

Gonna change my life

Before its too late

Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Simplified: Weeds

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Simplified: Weeds

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Simplified: Weeds

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