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Snoop Doggy Dogg: DP Gangsta

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Snoop Doggy Dogg: DP Gangsta

[eddie talking]
This is a service public announcement going out to all the paper haters
Now sure sure sure your broke sure sure sure your having problems
Food stamps didn't come on time and the lights have been cut off
But look here

Here's a little something about a nigga like me
I never should have been let out the penitentiary
Snoop dogg would like to say
That I'm a crazy motherf**ker when I'm playing with my ak
Since I was a youth I smoked weed out
Now I'm that motherf**ker y'all read about
Smoking you and your crew, taking a life or two
You don't like how I'm living well f**k you
This is my gang nigga no limit
My nigga c will f**k you up in a minute
With the pow pow bang bang and your dead
And then we stamp that tank on your forehead
Everywhere we go they say "damn"
Them gangstas they be f**king up the program
And then you realize we don't care
We don't just say no we to busy saying yeah
About drinking straight out the ? ? ? ? bottle
Do I look like a motherf**king role model
To a kid looking up to me
Shit life ain't nothing but weed and money
Shit I'm that type of nigga that's quick to blast
F**k with me or c and I'll put my foot in your ass
I don't give a f**k cause I keep selling
Yo what the f**k are the yelling

[chorus] x2
Gangsta gangsta thats what the yelling
Niggas living rowdy and stay bout it bout it
Gangsta gangsta thats what the selling
Bitches want to buy it cause they love that straight g shit

Homies all standing around just hanging
Some dope dealing some gang banging
We decide to roll a week deep
Seen a nigga on dayton so we creep
Real slow, in you before you know
I had my double pointing at his window
He got scared and hit the gas
Right then I knew I had to smoke his ass
He kept rolling I jumped in the bucket
We couldn't catch him so I said f**k it
Then we headed right back to ? ? ? ?
Sweating all the bitches in the dazzy dukes
We couldn't no play from the ladies
With seven niggas in a nav is you crazy
She was scared and it was showing
So we all said "f**k you bitch" and kept rolling
To the hood now we was fen to
Find something else to get into
Like some pussy or in fact
Getting rowdy, shit but we caught the rat pack
On a nigga cold nutting it off

Snoop dogg gets ignorant when I'm f**king with my tank dogs
I might stumble and still wont lose
Now I'm draped in my gangsta blue's
Cause I'm the type of nigga who's quick to blast
F**k with me or c and I'll blast your ass
See I don't give a f**k cause I keep bailing
Yo what the f**k are they yelling

[chorus] x1

[snoop talking]
Hol hold on craig b cut that shit man
Man f**k that we need some gangsta in this motherf**ker some other that
South shit know what I'm saying
Some of that shit from the thiz-ird ya heard me

Here's another gangsta down to ride
A t-shirt and levi's is his only disguise
He represents the tank but yet hard to hit
Snoop dogg and c-murder with this gangsta shit

Well I'm c-murder the one he talking about
Nigga tried to play me close and got punched in the mouth
Fed's tried to get me you know they some haters
I said "see you later" jumped in the navigator
With the $50's in the back with the navy blue top
Tru niggas on the scene with the triple beam
Cause I'm the c fool I slang and snoop bang
And I'll smoke a motherf**ker like it ain't no thing
To all my bitches, I know your jocking my crew

We want to f**k you c

I want to f**k you too
You see no limit niggas don't take no shit
So let me tell you motherf**kers who you f**king with
Cause I'm the type of nigga that's quick to blast
If you f**k with me, I'm a smoke your ass
I don't give a f**k cause no limit stay selling
Yo what the f**k are they yelling

[chorus] x1

[eddie talking]
If you'd of just stay down and been a motherf**kers real partner you
Wouldn't have had tat problem
But seeing as you want to jump ship and you thought the ship would sink
A motherf**ker without turning into a submarine, went under water came
Back up with a periscope looking at your bitch ass
Now you have no paper, and now you on a paper caper
Now you coming up to my face and your saying "hey can I hangout" I say
No cause you ain't got no clout bitch get out
Now I'm tired of all you silly as motherf**king paper chasing hoes
Uhh this has been a public service announcement from no limit records
In the doggy dogg world
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Snoop Doggy Dogg: DP Gangsta

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Snoop Doggy Dogg: DP Gangsta


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