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Snoop Doggy Dogg: Show Me Love

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Snoop Doggy Dogg: Show Me Love

Ya I don't know why you treat me so motherfuckin bad
You ain't gonna realize whats you got till its gone, thats real
You gets no lovin, babe

Girl you know I got you livin plush in the cut
An every time I wanna dig you out
You tell me "don't rush"
Money stashin, you got me sneakin
An we all alone in the zone, I be tweakin
I almost got caught, my game is lethal
I had to stay at my daddy's house, on the couch last weekend
It's written on my face, an I can't even hide it
So I decided, to ride it
Roses are red, an Violets are blue
Girl you got a nigga hooked, when you do whatcha do when ya do
An now ya want a Benz for ya birthday
An I been waitin to hit that ass since the first day
I'm buyin you gifts, drape'in you out, with gold
I'm showin you love, you's above any other hoe
Tatoo wit my name on your tits
An everytime I dip, I make sure to kick some chips
Now bitch trip

You don't show me some love {show me love, for real, you gets no love, yea}
You gets no lovin babe {you gets no love, you aint gonna miss it till it's
gone} -2x-

An that's on lust, an I trust thats you wont bust under pressure
An I ain't even trip, when you dip wit them chips off the dresser
An you didn't even have to fess up
I just gave you another G, an told you "pick ya dress up"
For the weddin, the settin was set
40 G's for your ring, you's a Queen sippin Moet
I'm upset, an I don't even want to have jip out
But baby didn't give it to me, ughh
I was down at the alter, I seen Sister Salta
Said "lady could you pray for me?" ughh
I'm in a love affair, I can't share, it ain't fair
Because my life is my wife, an that ain't right
Cause I'm a do what I'm suppose to do, an what I was choose to do
Wether it's buyin a house, or car, or some clothes for you
I try to stay tru to it, see I ain't new to it
Thats why I do for you boo, I need love too, three

Chorus -2x-
Snoop with background chorus -2x-

See I done put it on the line, see this here is genuine
An as long as you with me girl, see everything is gonna be fine
See can't nobody match it, don't touch it, ya might scratch it
This love affiar, it's so original, I call it classic
See I'm attracted, an I'm infacturated
At the same time, belated, an gang related, Dogg Pound on mine
But to fine time to leave all that behind
An tryin to spend some time an give you all of mine {what's that} ya see
I ain't hard to get along with, to do a song with a nigga like D.J. Pooh
Dedicate this whole thing, to a girl like you, boo, look here
You know I'm true, just continue to do me like you want me to do you
An, I hope we don't never have to, write another chapter
Just keep it on the real wit me
Cause I don't really wanna, see you on the corner
Just show a nigga love ya see {gets no love, gets no love}

Chorus -1x till fade-
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Snoop Doggy Dogg: Show Me Love

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Snoop Doggy Dogg: Show Me Love


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Snoop Doggy Dogg: Show Me Love

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