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  • Tango: Maureen - Rent
    "And so into the abyss...The lot. Where a small stage is partially set up. "Line in"... I went to Harvard for this? Close on Mark's nose dive. "Line out"... Will he get out of here alive...? "
  • Sucka Free (Skit) - Keith Murray
    "And all u niggas with those crazy ass names Mc Murda and and and Dj Kill A Lot and and and and Dj Stank Finga and all that shit aye aye aye f**k all of those silly ass rumple stilsken ass shit I'm tired"
  • La Vie Boheme B - Rent
    "MAUREEN Are we packed? JOANNE Yes and by next week I want you to be MAUREEN Pookie? JOANNE And you should see They've padlocked your buliding And they're rioting on Avenue B Benny called the"
  • Smoke Buddha - Redman
    "Verse One: Aiyyo, I got a slight problem I smoke weed too much Knees buckle the -uck up when I'm splittin my dutch Back up back up! Ain't nobody hittin for free It's just E Doubl-E, Keith Murray, and"
  • Hit Em Up - Slim Thug
    "(*talking*) Who the fuck these niggaz talking to man These niggaz talking down on me mayn Man, let me wreck this lil' midget ass nigga Don't one of them hoe ass niggaz got a skin disease Or something mayn,"
  • Mommy Dearest - Doug Anthony All Stars
    "Hi ma, I've come back home 'Cause I don't like this world we live in For all my faults and failures Please tell me I'm forgiven I want my old womb back My cosy cubby-hole I want to be your child again Before"
  • Take Me Or Leave Me feat. Liz Gillies - Ariana Grande
    "Every single day I walk down the street I hear people say "Baby" so sweet Ever since puberty Everybody stares at me Boys, girls I can't help it baby So be kind And don't lose your mind Just remember That"
  • Dance to the music - Bootsy Collins
    "Uh, I wont never dance, never! Uh, and by the way, your hair is so strategically placed (aha) And your spirit could not be on a, a better face Ive got a Press Pookie (????), baddest one around It dont"
  • Tarde De Amor - Various
    "Every single day I walk down the street I hear people say "Baby so sweet" Ever since puberty Everbody stares at me Boys, Girls, I can't help it baby So be kind and don't loose your mind Just remember that"
  • Hold ya head - Notorious B.I.G.
    "feat. Bob Marley Woman hold her head and cryCause her son had been shot down in the street and diedWoman hold her head and cryCause her son had been shot down in the street and died When I die, fuck it"

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