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Champ elisse

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Champ elisse
  • Patrick Fiori Toutes Les Peines
    "De l'eau D'un geste sans y penser sans sol creuser Du chaud Sans braise ni chemine, sans arbre couper Du facile, du futile sans malheur Purile chacun son lot de douleurs. Mais toutes les peines, toutes"
  • Paul Wall Bangin' Screw
    "Flyyy, heyy,hey I Got dat trunk craked windows tinted,trunk craked windows tinted Slowly rollin I'm banging screw Slowly rollin I'm banging screw Comin down so fly-y-y-y Smokin leaf so high-i-i-i"
  • Ludacris Undisputed
    "(feat. Floyd Mayweather) Back up on dat ass, Back to put rappers on one knee like they bout to run 100 meter dash, Bow down to greatness, before I get pissed and run up in the stands like the Indiana"
  • M.M.O. Keep it movin' feat. Champ, Ill Knob and J-Boo
    "Playas keep it movin', waste no time, waste no time Keep it movin', baby, movin' all night Yo, shorty's ride the shaft, Knob-a-ra ain't for bluffin' I ain't had enough of nothin', so what you buffin'"
  • ATL Shawty
    "(feat. Cassidy) Yo!! (Yo! Yeah!) Haha! I go by the name of Cassidy! (It's another Mario Winans exclusive!) ATL! (c'mon!) Damn boo, you don't understand boo I'm just fly, if I was your man boo We could"
  • Sido Therapie
    "Fler:Deutscher Rap ist ohne mich nur Kinderkram, ein Haufen VersagerDenn ich hab nach diesem Album noch einen Haufen auf LagerDas ist die Realitt was ich Rap in mein TextenIch will flexen aber deutscher"
  • Spax Rocky III
    "Intro: Ich hab' Nerven aus Stahl Schmerz ist egal, ich trainiere hart mit Herz und Bandagen, ich unterschtz' keinen Gegner, das wr' fatal, ich studier' ihre Schwchen leg' alles in jeden Schlag."
  • Big Tuck Not A Stain On Me (Remix)
    "(feat. Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Kia Shine, Chingo Bling & Murphy Lee) "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Get money aye we gone get money Dem boyz fresh but they not this stunted Wen I walk by even smell like money Dopeman"
  • Unk Beat'n down yo block
    "Im Poppin My Collar,Im Grippin That Wood,My Cush In My Hand,My Trunk Beatin Good.If It's Knockin They Jockin,Feel That Base That's A Hobbie.Beat Thru Yo Hood Them KickersKick Off In Yo Ass Like Karate.They"
  • Vanilla Ice Fame
    "Now everybody wants to have fame But you'll pay the price if you're not plain' it by the game Cuz this game is made up of a bunch of crazy rules, And fools get took if they're not plaing by the rules."

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