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Atomik harmonic

  • Harmonic - Unwritten Law
    "Well, I'll see you around Don't want to stay and drown The drama got too thick Makes me sick And I don't wanta talk about it I already thought about it Stripped down of my pride I shed the tears then dried"
  • Harmonic - Dynamite Boy
    "Concentration A system overload Agitated by a man we know. Seamless placement of things that we don't need but we struggle on and we leave someone. Where were you when the world stood still? Watched a"
  • Atomik Lust - Super Furry Animals
    "If your moon should eclipse me And block out my sun Ride on typhoons and hurricanes Watch skymap on re-run Fine times to walk on wine Heads down no stress Find some atomik lust Whenever, more or"
  • Harmonic Instrumental - Arcwelder
    "(music arcwelder, words s macdonald) Now the closets are empty used to be full Empty lover standing where once there was a soul Touch down come down You can lose your footing when you chase after a"
  • Echodiny harmonic - Sparta
    "They say it takes a ring of gold to fix the outer shell so hold on until they return enslave the native tongue to mine their freedom out so hold on and don't give in Our world is only what we're told how"
  • S.H.E. - IAMX
    "You have been left alone The creature of innocence You lie for what you're worth And struggle with your confidence And when your devil complains And tears you up, to start again And when you're lying"
  • Vacant Skies - Sparta
    "Crumbling around the freefall. This missing air will forever make your nerves crawl. Crumbling. We will assume the worst. Incapsulation, fists clenching and falling. Mistakes make it easy. Incapsulation,"
  • Quite Quieter Than Spiders - Joy Electric
    "In between Wools and weaves Knots and ties Unhinged eyes Constantly Panicky He's hunting me Fa la-la-la Quite quieter than spiders Fa la-la-la Quite quieter than spiders Either one None will numb What"
  • Mosh-Pit Underground - Grimfist
    "Banging fists, a bloody mouth Head first into metal mayhem Broken bones, shattered skin Violent & harmonic Pleasure bathe in blood Chaos all around Embrace the metal pit (The) hardcore underground Underground The"
  • Wall of Terror - Goddess Of Desire
  • In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere - Dissection
    "Search for my subconscious Lead me into myself A need to discover the dark A will to enter these gates Oh, This temptation to end this empty life In my dreams I saw my real side A journey through forever my"
  • Wally - Sesame Street
    "Phil Harmonic: (in audience, to uncle) Now, you mustn't snore during the performance, Uncle Donny. Oh! (turns around) Ahem ... Hello, I'm Phil Harmonic, and today, live from the Nestropolitan Opera we"
  • The Countdown Theory - The Walkmen
    "(Intro by Celph Titled) It's the collapse of the earth as you know it. Holdin' it down, Celph Titled in the same brigade with the universal Walkmen. Start the countdown... "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2"
  • Inner Ascendance - Steel Prophet
    "Outpouring of light Consciousness erupts The boundaries of our minds Is our path forsaken Of our universe What coheres matter Forming gas and solids Or the breath of life Enlightened forms realize Their"
  • Frozen Lunar Autumn - Third Moon
    "Loss of a breath-the wicked candle lit failes Forgetful the buried autumn tears Untearable those obscene tales To whom I cry-the embraced hearts enchanted tears, bewitched weeps I kissed those bleeding"
  • Surrender - Maggie Rogers
    "When I’m angry or in love, I feel it in my teeth. Strange harmonic buzzing. Cuts through my hands. My jaw. My breast bone. For a long time I fought it. Resisted. Held up my fists. Tried to hold the"
  • Songsmith - Magellan
    "A writer like a blacksmith-forging works of iron The jagged edges tempered into solid scripts for hire Solitary craftsman at his console merging audio discrete An ever changing soundscape sets the stage;"
  • Spite Malice - Placebo
    "Revolution, dope, guns, fucking in the streets (x2) Aces take your time Queens are left for dead Jacks can stand in line And touch themselves instead Aces take your pity And keep it warm in bed Aces take"
  • Spite And Malice - Placebo
    "Revolution, dope, guns, fucking in the streets Aces take your time Queens are left for dead Jacks can stand in line And touch themselves instead Aces take your pity And keep it warm in bed Aces take"
  • Who You Gonna Run To - The Temptations
    "When you're feeling alright, I never see you coming. But when you're hurt, you always come a-runnin'; But one of these days I know, I gonna have to let you go Then, tell me, who you gonna to run to (baby)"

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